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A Jubilee International Trade Fair Collector Prague – only few days remain


Jindrich Jirásek


        Postal Administrations at the Fair (September 14 – 16th)

The United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) is issuing its tenth so-called white card. It has participated at every annual fair, so anyone who has been buying the postcards since 1998 now has a nicely rounded collection. In accordance with tradition, Sunday, 16 September will be United Nations Day at the fair.

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Whenever German Post (Deutsche Post) has participated at the Prague fair, it has surprised collectors with a beautiful envelope. This year will be no different.

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Slovak Post will not let itself be outdone. After last year’s Charles IV, this year its post cards and rubber stamp will be dedicated to Prague Castle.

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        Australia Post, although represented by the Polish company Profilex, has not missed a single annual Collector fair, just like the UNPA. As a thank-you to the organizers, for this year’s tenth anniversary fair it is issuing a reprinting of a block of stamps for the 75th anniversary (what a coincidence!) of the in Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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        Serbia Post:

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        New catalogue of Slovak Phonecards

A new catalogue of Slovak phonecards (1993 – 2007) will be for the first time available at the stand of Mr. Marian Jobek.

The Daily Newspaper Právo Will Be a Media Partner for the Tenth Annual Fair

The third-largest Czech daily newspaper Právo will be a media partner for this year’s tenth annual fair Collector.

Exhibitions and events at the fair Collector Prague

This year’s tenth annual fair Collector will be accompanied by several exhibitions and events for various collecting fields:

Exhibitions for the Duration of the Fair:

Ten Years of the Fair Collector in the Field of Collecting
The Fair on Cancellation Stamps, Post Cards, Tokens etc. 1998 – 2007

A Philatelic Surprise
On loan from the British Postal Museum and Archive, London

Rarities from Czechoslovak Philately
From the collection of Ludvík Pytlíček

Giant Minerals Found in China
Exhibited by Jiří ©palek and Luboą Poděbradský

Czech Coins from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age
The Oldest, Rarest and Most Expensive
Exhibited by the Czech Numismatic Society

Praga Alfa 6SV Race Car from 1932
Exhibited by Emil Příhoda’s Praga Automobile Museum in Prague

Thai King Rama IX on Stamps
The worlds longest-serving ruling monarch, King Bhumibol Adulyadej
By Karel Stehno, Czech – Thailand´s Society

History of Czechoslovak Film until 1948
Exhibited by Milan Wolf (Curiosity Collectors’ Club)

One-Day Exhibitions and Events:

A stand for the company Miroslav Plíąek and Groth AG – Friday only

Models and Figures
Exhibited by the Curiosity Collectors’ Club – Friday only

Launch of the Czech Version of the Magazine Münzen & Papiergeld
Saturday, 1 p.m.

Celebrity Autograph Signing
Saturday from 2 to 3 p.m.
Cooperation by the Curiosity Collectors’ Club and Progres Partners Advertising

Merkur Model Building Sets
Exhibited by Jiří Mládek (Curiosity Collectors’ Club) – Saturday only

Beer Souvenirs, Pocket Diaries and Cheese Labels
Exhibited by the Curiosity Collectors’ Club – Saturday only

United Nations Day
Cancellation stamp at the Czech Post stand and cachet at the UN stand – Sunday only

Traditions and Folk Customs of European Nations
Exhibited by Jan Vanľura (Curiosity Collectors’ Club) – Sunday only

Post Cards
Exhibited by the Curiosity Collectors’ Club – Sunday only



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