British-Czechoslovak Field Post 1945-1946

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The 1st Czechoslovak Armored Brigade from Great Britain arrived in liberated Czechoslovakia on 18.5.1945. The Czechoslovak Field Post Office was located in Nemcice u Klatov and served especially for postal contact with the Czechoslovak civil post (mail from/to abroad went through U.S. army post offices: incoming mail through APO 655 and outgoing mail through APO 305). Since 1.6.1945 mail was no longer censored (the censor mark was placed on covers without censorīs signature). Since 20.7.1945, units could establish contact with the nearest civil post office. On 12.10.1945 the Czechoslovak Field Post Office moved to Plzen and on 19.1.1946 to Moravska Trebova where it was closed on 22.1.1946.


Postmark types:

field post office
censor mark


Table of Censor Mark Numbers

Censor # unit
11688 Brigade HQ
11689 Tank Battalion 1
11690 Tank Battalion 2
11691 Motorized Infantry Battalion
11692 Artillery Regiment
11693 Engineer Company
11694 Transport Battalion
11695 Antitank Artillery Battalion
11696 Heavy Repair Company
12715 Motorized Reconnaissance Battalion
12716 Signal Company
12717 Antiaircraft Company
12719 Light Field Ambulance
12720 Brigade HQ Company
12736 Artillery Regiment
12737 Artillery Regiment
12738 Provision Company



Letter from a member of the Transport Battailonīs 4th company, 1st Czechoslovak Armored Corps (Pilsen), sent on July 13, 1945 to Prague. Unfranked, postmarked "CSPP", censor mark # 11694 without censorīs signature.



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