Soviet Field Post 1945

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The Soviet units came to Czech territory in April 1945 and stayed there for some time until their withdrawal back to the USSR. The units were identified by five-digit field post numbers. Overviews of Soviet units operating on Czech territory and of their field post numbers are not available. Help wanted !


Basic postmark types:

field post offices
field post
sorting offices


Field post numbers of the 1st Soviet-Czechoslovak Corps

The 1st Czechoslovak Corps participated in the fightings of the Soviet Army at the eastern front and was involved in the Soviet field post service. Units of the 1st Czechoslovak Corps came to Czech territory in the second half of April 1945. On May 15, 1945 the Cops became the 1st Army and its brigades were converted to divisions. It is not known when the Soviet field post ended its service for the Czechoslovak units.

field post number unit (1) 
01237 SigBt1 (C1)
01387 HQ IB3
15890 Surgery Hospital 5164 (C1)
17429 AR6 (B4)
18399 Fighting Air R1 (Air D1)
22687 Bombing Air R3 (Air D1)
27972 Fighting Air R2 (Air D1)
38032 HQ B1
39242 B2 (airborn)
52040 EBt1 (C1)
52068 National Bank Branch 1948 (C1)
52081 A Repair Company 1 (C1)
53230 HQ C1
59824 AR1 (B1)
63017 Field Post Station 3035 (B1, C1)
63045 AR5 (C1)
63231 HQ B4
63232 Antiaircraft Bt 4, EBt6 (B4)
63233 Antitank AR7 (B4)
63234 SigBt6 (B4)
68507 Reserve R (C1)
70633 Antitank AR2 (IB3)
70680 AR3 (IB3)
70867 SigBt2 (B1)
70882 SigBt4 (IB3)
71428 Field Post Station 3201 (B4)
74081 Building and Road Bt (C1)
83630 EBt3 (B1)
83641 EBt2 (IB3)
93873 HQ Air D1
93874 Air Repair Company 1 (Air D1)
93875 Field Post Station 3180 (Air D1)

(1) Bt - bataillon, R - regiment, B - brigade, D - division, C - army corps, I - infantry, A - artillery, Sig - signal, E - engineer, HQ - headquarters



P. Fiala: Polni posty ceskoslovenskych vojsk v Sovetskem Svazu v letech 1942-45. Filatelisticke prirucky 17, SCF Praha 1989. (Field post of the Czechoslovak Army in the Soviet Union 1942-1945) (In Czech)



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