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Odkazy na filatelistické a poštovně historické stránky

All for European Philately, international Expert network in Germany


Indian Stamp Ghar
Most wonderful, fascinating, non commercial philatelic website, updated on daily basis.

Lithuanian philatelic club „Lituanica“
Die fascination Briefmarke steckt an...

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Love Indonesia Philately

Postal history and exhibits of Spanish Marianas, Nova Scotia, Colorado, Steam Panama, US 5c 1856 as well as an exhibit of "paying the postage":

Poland - mint stamps, TOPICAL CANCELLATIONS, postal history, postcards etc. 

Find a lot of covers , stamps and phonecards. More then 750 Items with pics online

Covers, Letters, Postcards. More then 1400 Items with pics online

Postal History of the Spanish city of Ceuta

The World Wide Stamp Exchange Club
Find collectors around the world to exchange stamps. Lots of
pictures and links. Over 75 swappers listed by country!

Slovenian stamp collector
Zeeland Philately
This site highlights the contribution of the province of Zeeland to the postal history of The Netherlands.

Used topical stamps of the world for exchange

The Stamp Trader List (STL) contains the names & e-mail addresses of stamp collectors who wish to establish connections & trade stamps with other people on the Internet

BRIEFMARKEN - Alles rund um die Briefmarke!

SPECIALIZED ILLUSTRATED STAMP ALBUM FOR RUSSIA, This fully illustrated album consists of 1300+ pages and covers Empire, Republic, RSFSR, USSR and Federation. All major and many minor varieties and reprints are included.

EAST EUROPE PHILATELICS, Good site, Fair, Helpfull ask what you like too now about east europe philately

Internationale Motivgruppen Olympiaden und Sport (IMOS/ FIPO Deutschland) website of the Olympic and Sports collectors in Germany

Polar Philately
Polar Philately Mailing List Website, Explore the Polar Regions through Philately! The site include a mailing list, polar cover gallery, polar philatelic bibliography, photos of polar post offices, articles, links, and many more features of interest to the polar philatelist

DeFilatelia, Information  for philatelist: History of the post, auctions, classified, join, links, etc. In english and spanish.  Información al filatelista: Historia, Subasta, Clasificados, Registración, Links, etc. En ingles y espan

A place to ask stamp questions, find a trade partner, and get FREE stamps!

An Introduction to Orchid Stamps by Nina Rach, Houston, Texas, USA

FIRST FLIGHT COVER, Specialists in the early flights of the British Commonwealth with the emphasis on Imperial Airways


Studie koninklijke beeltenis van Z.M. koning Boudewijn - Type Elström Genesis-drukpersen-drukdata verschillen-plaatnummers-gejkende drukdat van de typen Poortman, Marchand, Elström, Velghe, Olyff, MVTM, Broux & Buzin-evolutie posttarieven van België, advertenties, manifestaties enz

D&D Italia, They are collectors of Rare Stamps, they are specialized in Ancient Italian States

A lot of info and pictures from (weird) stamps, revenues, perfins, zemstvos etc. from Russia, Hungary and Denmark. Also some pages about Dutch lighthouses and whisk(e)y

Eldi Philately World, Indonesia, U.S.Postal History Worldwide Philatelic Literature

A.J.'s Encyclopedia of Stamp and Philatelic Links, Worldwide directory for stamp collectors, stamp dealers, philatelists and investors.

Clarksville Stamp Club

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One of the Internets most comprehensive and interactive Stamp Collecting Websites since 1994

Juergen v. Schmeling Briefmarkenversand
Juergen v. Schmeling Briefmarkenversand, Stamps from europe and overseas for sale. Good conditions. Also service: free ads, price-questions, philatelic maps. List of philatelic literature

Golf on the Stamps, Stephan Filan, France

The Museum of United States Essays & Proofs

Royal Naval Philatelic Society

Stamp Collecting Questions and More, Ask me questions with my form, find a trading partner, get free stamps, sign up for my stamp newsletter, look at pictures, chat with other collectors, buy, sell stamps, and a whole lot more! Come and check it out.

Stamps of Karabakh, The stamps of the Republic of Mountainous (Nagorno) Karabakh (1993-1998) - Sergey Kalantarin

The Cover Box, 2500 + worldwide covers. Strong in 20th century postal history

Airmail stamps and their symbols, Justin Milliun, Jr., Thematic Philately from R. V. Rajan - USA

African Colonial Stamps, A site dedicated to African stamps issued during the colonial years

M. Osborne Covers, Thousands of worldwide commercial and philatelic covers, FDC, slogans, topicals, postal history, meters, special covers, stationery, etc.

Automat website, from Finnland

Tom Fortunato's Stamp Website ...

Jeff's Lee's, Illustrated Stamp Listopedia

Stamps from Russia, Hungary and Denmark. A lot of info and pictures from (weird) stamps, revenues, perfins, zemstvos etc. from Russia, Hungary and Denmark. Just take a look.

UAE Postal History, Postal Services in the United Arab Emirates started in 1909 when the first Branch Office was opened in Dubai among other postal agencies in the Gulf area by the  Indian Postal Administration, then under British rule, from Karachi ...

Emirates Philatelic Association, Emirates Philatelic Association ( EPA) was established according to Ministerial Decree No. 372 on June 24, 1996. Since then, the Association has tried to continue the success achieved by Philately in the UAE....

Stamps of the Internet

Philately Universe from Nederlande

Postal History from Finland and Struer, Postal History from Finland 1889-1918 (russian period) and from my own city Struer in Denmark

AskPhil, (short for „Philately" or stamp collecting)

A.J.'s Encyclopedia Of Stamps And Philatelic Links

Antarctic Philately

Philaweb, German's Philatelic Website

Perfins of all world, APS, USA

Peter G. Aitken´s Stamp Collecting Page

Stamp Yellow Pages Postal History

Romanian Postal History

Toke Norby's Danish Postal History


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