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Dear philatelists and visitors of Japhila.cz and Exponet.info web pages. An innovated exhibit named "Jewish Nation Persecution in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia and Terezín Ghetto in Mail Documents" has been introduced today on the world virtual philatelic exhibition web.
As its name suggests, it introduces in the first place mail documents from the period of occupation of Czech lands by German army during the World War II related directly or indirectly to unprecedented violation of elementary principles of humanity among members of two different ethnics with massive support of various poltroons, freeloaders, gold miners, opportunists and revengeful people, and even with unintentional collaboration of ordinary citizens...
All text  / Exhibit    Michal Hauzr 1.11.2009
International jury World postage stamps exhibition PRAGA 1988
All world best auctions home, file have 148 kB.
Chuck C. Cwiakala  (other informations)   3.5.2009
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Chuck C. Cwiakala  (other informations)   5.3.2009
9 th Gärtner Auction from 18th – 27th February 2009

Lot 10250
The starting of the collection
Getto Litzmannstadt
This significant collection was started when the collector received some postal documents of the Ghetto Litzmannstadt from a Polish friend as a gift.
Inspired by the history the collector started to study the subject. A few years later Mr. Eugen Ihle, a philatelist who lived in the Ghetto at the time and had collected all kinds of important documents from the beginning, offered him his “scientific collection”. As Mr Ihle lived in Lodz, also during the Ghetto, he was interested in all philatelic and historic items from the first hour of the city on (1824). With these 120 items starting in 1824 up to 1945, he had a fundamental and comprehensive basis for his further research and collection.
This collection with more than 1.200 items to the subject Ghetto Litzmannstadt is regarded as the worldwide largest of its kind.
The collection has been shown all around the world in museums under historical and scientifical aspects, but never as a philatelic object. In all the years there has never been a slightest doubt about the genuineness of the items.
Important people to give information, to name a few, where not only Mr. Eugen Ihle, but also Mr Jerzy Tokar (Lodz), the expert on the stamps, Mr. Stanislaw Bulkiewiez, who collected and cataloged the bank notes and coins, Mr. Nachman Zonabend, who, as an eye-witness was imprisoned and forced to stay to the last days of the Ghetto with the labour command.
Another important informant was public prosecutor Dr. P. Mnichowski, who managed the post-war trials against members of the German ghetto administration.
The collection offers a wide range of not only historical documents, newspaper articles, geographic documents, announcements, criminal judgements, charcoal drawings but a wide range of postal historic items, started with documents of the postal administration, mail exchange with the ghetto, forms and documents of the change of the city name and german postal service administrations, as well as telegrams, parcel registration cards, money orders, mail suspension directives, Ghetto stamps, essays, proofs and complete sheets, vouchers, bank notes and cash receipts.
The frequent presence of rare material makes this collection outstanding:
there are forms of the Ghetto print office, receipts of the time before closing down the Ghetto, the original document of renaming Lodsch to Litzmannstadt on 11th of April 1940 with a cancellation for this special event and signatures of the district president and of the head of the Nazi district.
Further documents after closing down the Ghetto (1.5.1940), from the employment of labor, internal documents, postal communications between Ghettos or concentration camps, receipts from the first (17.7.1940 to 16.9.1940) and second ( 5.1.1942 to 8.5.1944) postage embargo, telegrams, package receipt cards and custom certificates , money receipts, life signs, posting receipts, money transfer receipts, records with large checking numbers, records with not accepted cancellations and combinations (end of 1941 to beginning of 1942), cancellations with additionals.
Sample I (absolute unique), sample II (very rare), sample II – new discoveries (unique copy),
Sample III – rarities, sample III – small sheet (unique copy), sample III – proof – rarities, issue IVA (unique), issue IVB – single values, blocks of four, and small sheets (higher quality), values IV – in different perforations (rarities), Mark-receipts (very rare), single pieces of Mark-receipts (rare), Mark-receipts on postcards (absolutely rare), banderols for money destruction (rarely with contents), Ghetto money-receipts in different variations as there are proofs, pilot series, different registration types, without registration number, etc. (very rare), coins in silver, copper and aluminium as well as leadcoinage in different types.
The listing of bank notes and coins by Mr. Bulkiewiez is capacious and unique.
Talons for different arrangements like lunch, baths and others (rare).
In addition to the collection there is a farewell-gift from the kitchen employees (1942) with a wooden cover and a silver plate (30 pages handwritings and drawings).
Ghettopost: The Ghetto LODZ-LITZMANNSTADT 1940-1945 was one of the largest
Jewish Ghettos during The Third Reich. It was used, like the Ghettos in Warschau
and Krakau, as an interim solution for Jewish citizens before they were sent to the extermination camps Kulmhof, Sobibor, Auschwitz, Majdanek and Treblinka.
The collection Volume 1 to 19 (with subnumbers; in total 25 volumes) was established  on the experience and knowledge of Eugen Ihle, who eye-witnessed all the events in  the Ghetto as a german national.
Further information was given by Mr Jerzy Tokar from Lodz (a collector of the first hour) and by Nachman Zonabend, who was imprisoned in the Ghetto and forced to stay to the last days with the “Aufräumungskommando Litzmannstadt Ghetto” (ghetto labour command).
Another important informant was the Polish public prosecutor Dr. P. Mnichowski, who managed the pot-war trials against members of the German Ghetto administration.
Bank notes and coins came from the collection Bulkiewiez.
In addition another 5 volumes with items and material about several Ghettos in Poland as well as 2 more volumes with items especially about the Warschau Ghetto complete the offer.
List of the essential contents of the single volumes:
Vol. 1: Geography of the Ghetto (maps, photographs and early documents up to formation of the Ghetto)
Vol. 2: Constitution of the Ghetto postal administration
Vol. 3, 3a, 3b: International mail exchange, items before closing down the Ghetto (May, 1st 1940), during the mail suspension, and within the Ghetto. The original document of renaming Lodsch to Litzmannstadt on April 11th 1940 with a special cancellation and signatures of the district president (Uebelhoer) and of the head of the Nazi district (Greiser)
Vol. 4: Documents of/about the Ghetto life (economy and administration)
Vol. 5: Telegrams and pakages (family affairs, transport and custom receipts)
Vol. 6 and 7: Postal money orders, payments, money transfer receipts
Vol. 8, 8a – d: Self-censorship and name stamps in all variations (encyclopaedic order) instructiorial markings
Vol. 9: Mail suspension directives
Vol. 10: Mail suspension directives in connection with the Ghetto liquidation
Vol. 11: Stamps and postal stationery of the Jewish mail, specified in samples and types with essays, proofs and complete sheets, various expertised (BPP-photo-certificates), many absolutely rare or unique
Vol. 12: Vouchers (Mark-receipts), to keep up money transactions
Vol. 13, 14, 15: Bank notes and coins (Ghetto money)
Vol. 16, 17, 18: Mail of the RAB-Lager (Reichs-Autobahn-Bau; Reichs-highway construction)
Vol. 19: Talons and vouchers for food, pharmacy, clothing, coals, colonial products, etc.
The 5 volumes “Ghettos in Poland” contain documents about various Ghettos in Polandwhich are documented by at least one item (letters, postcards, documents). The different volumes show as follows:
Volume 1: Belchatow, Bendsburg/Bedzin, Brzesko, Brzeziny/Löwenstadt, Busko-Zdroj, Chelm Lubelski, Chmielnik, Ciechanowiec, Cmielow.
Volume 2: Dabrowa Gornicza, Denkow/Ostrowiec Kielecki, Drohobycz, Dzialoszyce, Glowno, Hrubieszow, Izbica, Jedrzejow, Jordanow, Kalisch/Kalisz, Kamiensk, Kielce, Kock, Konskie, Koprzywnica, Kosow-Lacki.
Volume 3: Krakau, Krasnik, Landstett, Legionowo, Leczna, Litzmannstadt (hier nur exemplarisch - siehe Hauptsammlung), Lowicz, Lublin, Jedrzejow, Macienowice, Miedzyrzec Podlaski, Mielec, Modliborzyce.
Volume 4: Olkusz, Opatow, Opoczno, Opole Lubelskie, Ostrowiec, Ostrowiec Kielecki, Pabianice, Parysow, Piaski, Piotrkow, Plaszow, Pruzana, Przedborz, Pustkow, Rabka, Radom, Radomsko, Rejnowiec Lubelski, Rozprza, Rzesow, Sambor, Sanok.
Volume 5: Siedlce, Siedliszcze, Sobolew, Sosnowice, Stanislau, Stopnica, Tarnow, Tomaszow Mazowiekie, Tschenstochau, Tuchow, Wadowitz, Warta, Wodzislaw, Zabianka, Zaklikow, Zamosc, Zelechow, Zelow.
Various documents are contained: writing of the council of elders from Chmielnik to the district school inspector concerning confiscation of the libraries (1942), Red-Cross-cover from Tel Aviv to the Ghetto Dabrowa (family-greetings, 1942), Registration-file fort he citizens of Kielce (27.5.39 – before the occupation through the outbreak of war), penalty order to a Jewish man for not wearing the Yellow Star (24.4.1940), police regulationabout residencial zones for Jewish citizens in Lowicz as well as 2 Forms classified as secretly, about the deprivation of German citizenship (each with cancellation KZ Waffen SS Lublin). The collection also containes a number of letters concerning the Schwarzenbaum-connection (sorted under the particular Ghettos).
The “Warschau Ghetto” is documented in 2 volumes with covers, cards, postal stationery, package receipts and other items.
Volume 1 containes the correspondence leaving the Ghetto (also European destinations)
Volume 2 containes the correspondence into the Ghetto.

Both volumes are slanted towards postal history and give a good impression about the postal conditions at the time
The collection has been shown in several museums around the world.
Not only for the importance and uniqueness of its documents is this collection the largest of its kind about “The Ghetto Litzmannstadt” (32 volumes in 4 cartons)
GHETTO LODZ ON-LINE EXHIBIT: http://www.japhila.cz/hof/0476/index0476a.htm
Dear Madam or Sir, allow me inform you that 12th International Trade Fair Collector (Sberatel) in Prague will be held at the new fairgrounds in the nothern part of the Czech capital on September 3rd – 5th 2009 (Thursday – Saturday). See more information on: http://www.ppa.cz/?page=sberatel_en  Thank You.
Jindrich Jirasek, Manager of the fair Collector
sberatel@ppa.cz  http://www.sberatel.info
Progres Partners Advertising, s.r.o., CZ - 110 00 Praha 1, Opletalova 55, Tel.: +420/224 218 403, 224 213 905, Fax: +420/224 218 312, 224 235 033
Dear friends-collectors, I would like to invite you to visit us at http://fos-aukce.cz  and view our 31rd bid sale FILATELIE-FOS"
With kind regards Filatelie FOS, Prag
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Chuck C. Cwiakala  (other informations)   5.12.2008
UAE stamps highlighted atposted
Emirates Post highlighted the UAE's experience in growing mail business at the Strategic Forum "Pochtovaya Troika 2007" under the aegis of Universal Postal Union (UPU) and World Philatelist Exhibition held in St. Petersburg, Russia, recently. Addressing the forum on the challenges of growing mail traffic, Abdullah Al Daboos, Director General of Emirates Post, said mail operators today needed to change their business model and operational strategies. He recounted Emirates Post's experience in adding new business streams and highlighted successful diversification into logistics, financial services, direct marketing, mail fulfilment and other areas.
Emirates Post had a strong presence in the World Philatelist Exhibition, which was held alongside the forum. The exhibition, organized by Russian Post, the Russian Philatelic Association, and Federation of Inter Asian Philately (FIAP), was opened by the Russian Minister for IT & Communications, the Mayor of St. Petersburg and UPU Director General Edouard Dayan.
The Emirates Post stand was visited by a large number of dignitaries, including Edouard Dayan, top Russian officials, Emiratis staying in Russia and media representatives. Visitors showed keen interest in UAE stamps and expressed their keenness to learn more about the UAE.
The Emirates Post philatelic collection won a number of certificates and medals. (Emirates News Agency, WAM)  13.11.2008
Madam or Sir, With regard to the fire disaster of the Industrial palace at the exhibition grounds in Prague – Holešovice we are giving notice to our exhibitors and visitors that the traditional International fair Collector (Sberatel) will be anyhow in Prague in 2009 realized. See more on: http://www.ppa.cz/?page=sberatel_en 
Jindrich Jirasek 19.10.2008
PRAGA 2008
PRAGA 2008
World Stamp Exhibition Praga 2008 and the Collector Fair attract 45,000 visitors
Both collectors and the general public flocked in thousands to see the World Stamp Exhibition PRAGA 2008 and the International Fair Collector, which were held at the Prague Exhibition Grounds and closed their doors on Sunday, September 14. In three days, the two jointly held events were visited by 45,000 people from across the Czech Republic and abroad.
The main attraction for philatelists was competition exhibits from 61 countries, while the public came to see a part of the British Queen’s Elizabeth II collection, including the famous Blue Mauritius. However, because of strict security measures, the stamp, which had to be placed in a bulletproof, multiply secured and air-conditioned display unit, could only be seen by about five thousand visitors, who had to queue for up to four hours.
The unexpectedly great interest in both Hall of Fame exhibits and competition class exhibits was a surprise particularly to foreign exhibitors, including Michael Sefi, Keeper of the Royal Philatelic Collection. According to him, no country can draw so much attention from philately fans as the Czech Republic. The Praga Exhibition will most certainly help arouse more interest in this beautiful hobby especially with the younger generation.
After twenty years, the Prague Exhibition Grounds were packed not only with philatelic gems, but also postal authorities from 21 countries, including the Czech Post. At the Collector Fair, which is held annually and besides philately also focuses on old postcards, numismatics, notaphily, telephone cards, minerals and precious stones, 250 traders from 40 countries saw their offerings sold out quickly.
The jointly held events Praga and Collector were a great success. Credits should be given to the Union of Czech Philatelists, Progres Partners Advertising, the events’ organizer, and especially the Czech Post, which provided funding for the project.
Dear Madam or Sir,
See the final report on internet homepages of International Trade Fair Collector and World Stamp Exhibition PRAGA 2008 including photos and TV-reels, please.
http://www.ppa.cz/?page=sberatel_en   http://www.praga2008.cz/?a=c0&lan=en  Jindrich Jirasek  17.9.2008

Further news on the Fair Collector Prague & World Stamp Exhibition PRAGA
Dear Madam or Sir, See Newsbulletin No.41 of 1. 9. 2008 on International Trade Fair Collector and World Stamp Exhibition PRAGA 2008, please
Jindrich Jirasek  http://www.ppa.cz/   2.9.2008

The September issue of The Postal Gazette is online at: http://www.thepostalgazette.com/issues.php  This issue will be distributed in Praga (Czech Republic) between September 12nd to14th, and in Vienna for WIPA 2008 between 18th to 21st. Please, remember to change our new postal address. Telephone, Fax numbers and e-mail are the same. Thank you for your attention, best regards
Alessandro Arseni, The Postal Gazette, Strada Cantonale, 6818 Melano, Switzerland, Tel. +41.91.9240010, Fax +41.91.9240011, info@thepostalgazette.com  http://www.thepostalgazette.com
Invitation to Prague
From September 12 to 14, 2008, the Union of Czech Philatelists will organise PRAGA 2008 in Prague under the patronage of FIP, for the classes of Traditional Philately, Postal History, Philatelic Literature and for the experimental One-frame-class. This exhibition will be one of many World exhibitions held in Prague during the last decades, and I am sure PRAGA 2008 will be as successful as all the other philatelic events in Czechoslovakia and in the Czech Republic. It is a very great pleasure for me to have been appointed as Consultant for this exhibition, as it was in Prague in 1988 that I was first elected into the Board.
Exhibitors of all nations, races, religions or political convictions will participate with their exhibits in the competition at PRAGA 2008, showing the world the best collections in these philatelic classes, but also how philately contributes to peace and understanding all over the world. I invite all philatelists to come to Prague and to see what has been achieved in philately and to prepare the future of our hobby.
I thank already now the national commissioners and all the members of the Organising Committee of the exhibition for the work they will do for PRAGA 2008. I wish PRAGA 2008 a very great success and, as FIP-President and as FIP-Consultantfor this exhibition, I hope to be able to welcome philatelists and non-philatelists from all over the world in Prague, the heart of Europe.
Jos Wolff, RDP
http://www.praga2008.cz/ 18.8.2008
All world best auctions home, file have 64 kB.
Chuck C. Cwiakala  (other informations)   5.8.2008
Absentee Exhibiting and the EXPONET by Peter Thy
If you are exhibiting your collections, you may have been in the same situation and dilemma as myself. Recently I prepared two of my collections for a national show. One was a multipage exhibit containing the postal card section of my Bechuanalands stationery collection. The other was a one frame collection concerned with the postal history of the African Pioneer Corps in World War 2. I entered both exhibits at a stampshow on the east coast and later decided that I could not attend the show in person.
Thus, I became in effect an absentee exhibitor according to current exhibit terminology. I must admit that this surprised me a bit at first. I had always thought that the majority of exhibitors would not attend in person and would only be represented by their exhibit(s). The fact, I now understand, is that stampshows are organized and structured with the premise that exhibitors mostly attend in person. As an absentee exhibitor, I will be unable directly to interact with judges and other visitors and will not attend or give seminars. Therefore, I will not contribute to all what makes stampshows philatelic successes. What is perhaps more important, considering that dealers basically pay for the show, I will not be able to visit and spend my money at the commercial bourse. At the personal level, however, I miss the opportunity to attend the judges critique and award ceremony and eventually to drag an otherwise innocent judge to my exhibit frames to complain and plead a perceived unjust medal level. Written award justifi cations are strangely still not provided for multiframe exhibits. This is in contrast to literature and single frame exhibits for which written justifi cations are provided (despite very brief). Thus an absentee exhibitor is often intentionally left in the dark.
In my case the result was that I had literally no clue to why my fi ve frame exhibit was signifi cantly downgraded compared to previous shows. In contrast, I knew pretty much why my one frame had been upgraded and also what I could do to improve the award level next time around. If it had not been for one of the judges that, despite having not directly been involved in the
judging of my exhibit, was graciously enough to detail his impressions in an subsequent email to me, I would still have had no idea of what went wrong. There clearly is a need for improvement in judging procedures at stampshows. It it fair to expect prospective exhibitors to pay the frame fees and express mailing expenses (easily $ 150 - 200 for a national show) and then simply to receive ones exhibit returned in the mail with a medal, but without explanations? It are often argued that even the absentee exhibitor will benefit from show visitors that see the exhibit and provide personal feedback after the show. Admittedly, this happens occasionally but rarely. The fact is that I have had far more response to my writings in philatelic journals than in response to showing my collections at shows. The obvious question an absentee (or perhaps any exhibitor) will ask is whether it is worth the expenses and effort?
Recently, I have been thinking about how to further show my exhibits and to reach out to follow collectors with the same interests as myself. Some years ago, I produced an electronic version of my one-frame of Bechuanaland postal orders that won a gold at the 1998 AMERISTAMP EXPO in Houston. I made it into a printed booklet and also put a pdf version on the internet where it still can be downloaded from www.kronestamps.dk  The result is that my Bechuanaland postal order exhibit is very well known among similarly inspired collectors. Several philatelic websites have exhibits posted on their sites. The most prominent of these is the EXPONET organized and maintained by a non-profit organization with close ties to organized philately in the Czech Republic. The purpose of EXPONET is to provide a “place you may use to present your virtual postal history and philatelic collections. It is intended as a public display of all philatelic areas and time periods in English, German, Spanish or other languages. The aim of the organizers of EXPONET is to provide a permanent presentation of high quality stamp and philatelic exhibits so as to facilitate on-line study for visitors throughout the world. We do not intend to compete with traditional classic exhibits, but rather to enable on-line viewing to everybody, regardless of distance, and thus take part in the support and propagating of philately.”
The internet address is http://www.exponet.info  At present there are 300 exhibits on line from 33 different countries. Over sixty of these originated in the US. There are over 1,500 frames and 22,000 pages with an average of 80 pages per exhibit. The countries (origin of exhibitor) represented are Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bolivia, Brazil. Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, and USA. The subject areas and thematic diversity of the exhibits are more diffi cult to evaluate because of the lack of an index and search feature (a shortcoming that the organizers are aware of). Some random subjects/areas include Argentina’s Classic Issues, Willem III Issues of Netherlands Indies, East Saxony 1945-46, Variable Rate Stamps, Bangladesh Postal History, and the USS Oregon. The exhibits are organized into the classes Traditional Philately, Postal history, Postal Stationery, Aero- and Astrophilately,
Thematic, Revenue, Literature, Youth, and an Open Class. There is no requirement that an exhibit on EXPONET has previously been shown at a national or international show. First time I looked, there were no exhibits with direct southern Africa connections, but now my six exhibits have been posted (see next page) with hopefully others to follow. But now what about my dilemma. Should I give up traditional philatelic exhibits and concentrate on electronic exhibits? It is about the same amount of work. Any comments to guide my decision?
From FORERUNNERS - JOURNAL OF THE PHILATELIC SOCIETY FOR GREATER SOUTHERN AFRICA, Affiliated with the American Philatelic Society and the Philatelic Federation of Southern Africa, Volume XXI, Number 3, Whole No. 61 March-June 2008
Notice by Bret Janik, Exponet:
August 05, 2008 - Exponet Statistics: 406 on line exhibits from 40 different countries, more than 2,000 frames (4 x 4) and more than 34,000 pages with an average of 77 pages per exhibit (without philatelic literature).  5.8.2008
World Stamp Show New York 2016
22 East 35th Street, New York, NY 10016, info@ny2016.org First "World Stamp Show- NY 2016" Event at Stampshow in Hartford To some stamp collectors, it's hard to believe that the last international philatelic exhibition held in the United States, "Washington 2006," closed its doors more than two years ago. America's next great decennial show, scheduled for 2016, is now less than 8 years away! "World Stamp Show- NY 2016" (or "NY 2016" for short) takes place May 22-29, 2016 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. Wade Saadi of Brooklyn, NY presides over its Board of Directors. Show organizers welcome all interested philatelists to come to its first public gathering on Saturday, August 16 at 11 am at the Hartford Convention Center in Hartford, CT as part of the American Philatelic Society's annual Stampshow, taking place August 14 thru 17. The first 50 attendees arriving by 11 am will be given a raffle ticket for a chance to win one of three valuable door prizes held at the conclusion of the 30 minute presentation. NY 2016 celebrates the 100 th anniversary of this country's first international stamp exhibition held in 1913, also in New York City, and held every ten years or so ever since. In honor of that rich tradition, the brief program will include speakers who made Ameripex '86, Pacific 97 and Washington 2006 such a huge success. Further information about NY 2016 can be found on the show's web site at http://www.ny2016.org , which will be officially launched during the program. Societies, dealers and individual collectors with web pages are welcome to display a NY 2016 logo and link on their home page. Print publications may also use the logo to help promote the show. As the "Old Blue Eyes" song "New York, New York" goes, "Start spreading the news!" Questions or comments may be emailed to steven.rod@ny2016.org , or by writing to: World Stamp Show New York 22 East 35 th Street, New York, NY 10016.
Tom Fortunato, Chairman of Marketing & Public Relations, World Stamp Show - NY 2016, http://www.ny2016.org  13.7.2008
Please be informed that a high quality collection of prephilatelic covers has been stolen from me in May this year. The stolen objects are from 1789 until 1850 and were part of the late Paul Jensen's top rated collection. I am missing approximately 250 covers from this period, the original exhibit plus many other spare objects. The objects were mounted as an exhibit, mostly on light grey sheets with English text, but also on white ruled sheets with text in Norwegian. Many of the sheets had Paul Jensen’s personal address label on the reverse side. They may of course now appear unmounted. I possess good quality photos of many of the objects. I appeal to the international community of (pre-)philatelists to keep eyes and ears open for signals that can lead to the return of single objects or the complete collection. If in doubt of the provenance of any such objects, please do not hesitate to send me scans or photocopies, and I will be happy to verify whether they may originate from my collection.
Henning Qvale, Norge - hq@qbator.no  10.7.2008
68. Profila International Auction
Hotel Kempinski Budapest - ONLY 1 DAY LEFT!!! 28th of June 2008 (Saturday) 11:00 AM. We offer you almost 3000 international and hungarian lots. You can find many interesting shipments in the international part of the auction. Between the hungarian lots there is an interesting segment of krajcár franking lots and a large selection of printing errors. The whole auctionsmaterial is available on our homepage! For more information please visit our website: www.profila.hu  RFR Co.Ltd. PROFILA AUCTIONS, 1088 BUDAPEST SZENTKIRÁLYI U. 6., Tel.: (06 1) 485-5060, (06 1) 267-2494 Fax: (06 1) 485-5069, E-mail: info@profila.hu 
By visiting Exponet at http://www.exponet.info you will discover that the quantity of the postal and philatelistic exhibits has been noticeably enlarged – today it consists of 538 exhibits.
Thanks to Mr. Vladimír Münzberger’s idea we have decided to enlarge the EXPONET to become an international exhibition guide. Beyond our 387 exhibits from 37 countries, we will offer you a possibility to reach many other international on line exhibits. As far as we know, there are worldwide at least 151 philatelistic exhibits.
The only difference – but a big one will be, that you this way easely can reach hundreds of new exhibits. Exhibits, which for some reason are not added on EXPONET.
Reasons why we have failed to come over some exhibit can be such as:
- The owner wants to show it by him self.
- The exhibit is owned by a fellowship, where the owners have decided not to connect it to another website or to a person they don’t know.
- We failed to get permission from its owner, or that we can’t get in touch with him.
- The publication can be a big deviation of its design quality.
- The publication is too complicated, or the presentation of the exhibit is very sophisticated and closely connected to a personal presentation.
- The presentation is deliberately individual - nonstandard.
- The presentation of the exhibit disaccord with our dictum, as Power-Point presentation, or unrepresentative presentation by help of cuttings and .html proceedings.
- Lack of time, or because we voted it out. Anyway, from now on, you will easily reach it via EXPONET.
The new external exhibits are indicated by a different color in our menu. They are background-colored in light green, deviated from the ordinary beige color, which symbols special selected exhibits for EXPONET. Step by step the external exhibits will be added under the English menu, in their original language. You shall find them by clicking at the respective category menu: http://www.japhila.cz/hof/index02.htm  or under the alphabetical menu http://www.japhila.cz/hof/index_a_z.htm 
Of course, we can’t influence the quality of the external exhibits, nor their size, download speed, graphic stile or settings. The standard quality of 1024 pix / 300 dpi and the download speed the EXPONET visitors are used to, can only be offered to the exhibits where the owners have given us permission to redo them in “Exponet design”. This is our permanent offer to all new added exhibits. If you wish, we gladly add your exhibit the “usual way”. The only thing we need is your permission and sometimes scans in higher quality. Even in the future, all EXPONET exhibits will be free and with no limits. Just let us know and we fix the rest.
If some of the external links don’t work, please let us know and we will do something about it. You shall notice that lots of the external exhibits are hosted by many different domains, with different qualities and different levels. We shall try to always have all the links updated. We are here to serve you!
Milan Černík ( icernik@volny.cz ) and Břetislav Janík ( janik@exponet.info )
founders of the Exponet. Prague, June 20, 2008
China will issue a set of 2 stamps on June 6, 2008 of China India Joint Issue. The issue first appeared on China's new issue program for 2006 and was postponed to 2007 and then to April 20, 2008 as reported in Issue # 320 of December 20, 2007 of this digital weekly. India Post has not yet announced a date of issue of its stamps. The stamps in the denomination of 1.20 Yuan will feature China's White Horse Temple and India's Mahabodhi Temple. White Horse Temple was the first Buddhist temple in China, established under the patronage of Emperor Ming in the Eastern Han capital Luoyang in the year 68. It is believed that in the year 64 of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220), Emperor Ming sent a delegation of his men to study Buddhism in the western world. After three years two eminent Indian monks, She Moteng and Zhu Falan came back with the delegation. They brought with them a white horse carrying buddhist sutras and Buddhist figures on its back. It was the first time, Buddhism appeared in China. The emperor built a monastery as an act of thanks to the two monks. The Mahabodhi Temple is a Buddhist temple in Bodh Gaya, the location where Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, attained enlightenment. Bodh Gaya is located about 96 km (60 miles) from Patna, Bihar state, India. Next to the temple, to its western side, is the holy Bodhi tree. In the Pali Canon, the site is called Bodhimanda, and the monastery there the Bodhimanda Vihara.
Madhukar and Savita Jhingan 8.6.2008
All world best auctions home, file have 152 kB.
Chuck C. Cwiakala  (other informations)   2.6.2008
PRAGA 2008 and Collector: Preparations in full swing
Preparations are in full swing for the 11th year of the Collector (Sberatel) international trade fair, which will be held on the weekend of 12 – 14 September along with the PRAGA 2008 World Stamp Exhibition. This large-scale collectors’ event will be the largest event of its kind in the fifteen-year history of the independent Czech Republic. Although philately will play the main role in Prague, fans of other collectors’ items will not come off badly. According to the number of applications received so far, the fair will be attended by dealers in old postcards, coins and banknotes, minerals and precious stones, telephone and other cards and other peculiar collection items. Every year, the Collector (Sberatel) trade fair hosts more than 200 exhibitors from about forty countries. This year, their number will be even greater. Traditional exhibitors-dealers will be joined for example by the Italian companies Philcap and MasterPhil, Postiljonen and AB Philea from Sweden, Philatelie Mannesberg from Belgium, Philatelia Hungarica, Ateeme from Spain, numerous German, Austrian, Dutch and English dealers and, naturally, about one hundred Czech exhibitors. Of these, Filatelie Trojan and Papírny Brno, for example, will have their premiere at the fair. A prominent place at the fair connected with the Praga exhibition will be given to national post offices and mints. Reflecting the gradual introduction of the euro and the corresponding growth of interest in numismatics, the fair will also display exhibits of Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Austrian mints. A few days ago, the twenty national post offices which have applied so far were joined by the Greenland Post Office (see the special cancellation on this occasion). ... http://www.japhila.cz/index2.htm
Jindrich Jirasek 22.5.2008
Don’t hesitate and book your accommodation now
The organisers have signed contracts with 13 hotels of various categories to accommodate visitors to the Collector fair and the PRAGA exhibition. The Cedok travel agency has selected hotels that are situated directly in the Exhibition Grounds, but also those located in the centre of Prague. Don’t hesitate and book your hotel now at http://www.cedok.com/Praga2008/
Jindrich Jirasek 22.5.2008
Last call for dealer applications
The organisers would like to call on all dealers who are still hesitating, to send their applications as soon as possible, because the end of June has been set as the date for marking the layout of exhibition stands inside exhibition halls in accordance with the type of collection. After this date, there is no guarantee for example that philately and numismatic dealers will be installed in the philately and numismatic sectors etc.
Jindrich Jirasek 22.5.2008
Prague events followed immediately by WIPA
Three days after the end of the Collector fair and the PRAGA exhibition in Prague, the WIPA European Stamp Exhibition will be starting in Vienna, just 280 km from Prague. The timing of both events is ideal mainly for dealers and visitors from distant countries, who can visit both of these beautiful cities during the course of one trip. Moreover, the Cedok travel agency, the official partner of the Praga exhibition and the Collector fair, is offering trips to Vienna. For more, visit http://www.cedok.com/Praga2008/
Jindrich Jirasek 22.5.2008
No border controls to the Czech Republic
The borders of the Czech Republic are not subject to any passport or customs controls. Thus, the Czech border can be easily crossed without stopping just as is the case with the border between Germany and Austria or France and Belgium. Since 27 December, 2007, the Czech Republic has been a member state of the Schengen Area, where all border controls have been cancelled. This naturally also applies to the border between the Czech Republic and Austria. This is one of the reasons why organisers expect higher numbers of foreign visitors and dealers to the Collector fair and the PRAGA exhibition.
Jindrich Jirasek 22.5.2008
The auspices of the President of the Czech Republic
The World Stamp Exhibition PRAGA, which is to take place in Prague after twenty years, will be held under the auspices of the Czech President Vaclav Klaus. The exhibition will also be held under the auspices of the Chairman of the Czech Senate Premysl Sobotka and the Mayor of Prague Pavel Bem. Patronage for the event has been granted by the International Philatelic Federation (FIP) and AIJP journalist association. On the occasion of the exhibition, which is to showcase more than 500 competitors from 63 countries, the Czech Post has issued a number of postage stamps and stamp sheets.
Jindrich Jirasek 22.5.2008
Important notice
Once again, a firm has appeared on our trade fair market that wants to take advantage of the inattention and trustfulness of exhibitors. Following the example of the Austrian company Construct Data Verlag AG, which until last year was offering the publication of company data in the catalogue Fair Guide at an exorbitant price, now the company Expo Guide from Mexico(?!) has appeared, also offering a listing in its internet catalog with the same name (www.expo-guide.com) under outrageous terms. The fact that the wording of the sales letter and the arrangement of the order form is strikingly similar to the documents of the firm Construct Data Verlag is surely just a coincidence. The worst thing about all of this - and please read this carefully - is that the order form for an entry in the catalogue appears at first glance to have been sent by the organizer of the trade fair. Naturally, we have nothing to do with the shady practices of the company Expo Guide. We are not familiar with that company, and as our exhibitors know, we use our own form for registering in the trade fair catalogue. Please use caution before signing anything.
Jindrich Jirasek 22.5.2008
30rd bid sale FILATELIE-FOS
Dear friends-collectors, I would like to invite you to visit us at http://fos-aukce.cz  and view our "30rd bid sale FILATELIE-FOS"
Filatelie FOS, Prag 7.5.2008
All world best auctions home, file have 147 kB.
Chuck C. Cwiakala  (other informations)   5.5.2008
István Kecsedy: A new look at the printing elements production of the 1850 Kreuzer and Centes stamp issues
The book descipts the different printing elements of the 1850 Kreuzer and Centes issues. The intention of the author was a detailed handbook, which helps the collector to deepen in this field. It is an uniqueness in the philatelic literature. Limited edition. 144 pages, english. Price: 12000 HUF - - 67,92 USD. For more information please visit our webshop on the website: www.profila.hu 
RFR Co. Ltd., Profila Auctions
PRAGA 2008: Selection of compatition exhibits complete
Organising Committee of the World Stamp Exhibition PRAGA 2008, which will take place from 12 September till 14 September 2008, received 776 applications of exhibits in the four competetion classes from 61 countries. Thereof 528 competetion exhibits were selected, which will be shown to the visitors at the Prague Exhibition Grounds and in the Postal Museum. The complete list of the accepted exhibits will be published in the Exhibition Catalogue before the opening of the exhibition. http://www.praga2008.cz/
Vladimir Muenzberger  9.4.2008
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Chuck C. Cwiakala  (other informations)   2.4.2008
Atlas and gazetteer of historic Hungary 1914
We offer you a novelty from our webshop: Atlas and gazetteer of historic Hungary 1914. The only atlas which represents historic Hungary in full details before its breaking up. The map sheets show 14986 settlements as well as the hydrography, complete transportation network, castles, baths and peaks. The population density of Hungary, the ethnical and religious distribution of the people are shown in thematic maps. Statistical tables complete the maps. These tables include summary data of the countries and give detailed data on the ethnical and religious breakdown of the population of settlements. The present official names of the settlements are also indicated. The index is compiled in several languages to help the readers. 246 pages. For more information please visit our webshop on the website: www.profila.hu   If you are interested in this book or also in countersale, please write us. Kind regards from Budapest.
RFR Co. Ltd., Profila Auctions 11.3.2008
All world best auctions home, file have 136 kB.
Chuck C. Cwiakala  (other informations)   28.02.2008
Stamp Theft of Oregon Stamp Dealer
On Sunday evening, February 17, 2008, thieves broke into the truck of Tom Kinberg, Stamp Art, of Lincoln City, Oregon.  He and traveling buddy dealer Gary Hoecker were on their way home after attending Sno-King Stamp Show in Everett, Washington.  They had stopped at Northgate Mall in north Seattle, Washington, for dinner.  The thieves popped the locks on the truck and stole both gentlemen’s briefcases, Tom’s suitcase and over $15,000.00 worth of stock.  There was nothing of value in Gary’s stolen briefcase.  Lost from Tom’s briefcase were $600.00 to $700.00 in checks, Visa sales slips and Tom’s checkbook.  He also had $4,000.00 to $5,000.00 worth of stock in his briefcase.  This consisted of higher price Canada in dealer stock cards, Hungary souvenir sheets in dealer stock pages, and Swedish stamps on Scott Specialty pages.
The thieves also took a box that contained 11 white boxes of #2 cards holding stamps that were priced and ready to be sorted into his show stock; estimated value is minimum $11,000.00.
If you suspect anyone of trying to sell these items at local stamp shows, to your club members or on Craigslist or eBay, please contact your local police.  Seattle police Case Number is 08-063182.  You can also contact Tom Kinberg directly at 503-910-9552.
Carol J. Edholm and Bob Ingraham, USA  23.2.2008
PRAGUE – the capital of collectors in 2008
International fair Collector (Sběratel) and World Stamp Exhibition PRAGA held jointly!
The international fair Collector is the biggest collectors’ event in Central Europe. Nobody who engages in that noble hobby should miss it. Last year it was attended by 12,000 collectors, and one out of six came from abroad.
This year’s eleventh annual fair, dedicated not only to philately but also to numismatics, old postcards, telephone cards, minerals and other fields, is being held jointly with the World Stamp Exhibition PRAGA, which is returning to Prague after twenty long years.
Don’t pass up the chance to see the rarest uniques and the best exhibits and to get great buys from the more than two hundred dealers.
Awaiting you is historic Prague, the golden city of a hundred towers.
Come, whether over land or by plane.
From 12 to 14 September, the capital of the Czech Republic will be the capital city of collectors.
Growing interest of postal administrations and dealers
Already now following post offices confirmed their participation in Prague: Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, People´s Democratic Republic of Korea, People´s Republic of China, Slovakia, Republic of Srpska (Banja Luka), Switzerland, Taiwan, United Nations Postal Administration and, of course, Czech Post.
In addition to the traditional dealers - see a list of last year at  http://new.ppa.cz/?page=sber_sezvyst_en - there will be new exhibitors this year, for example
from Great Britain Cover Story, Bill Barell, David Morrison or from USA Gary du Bro, from Germany Hans Reinert, Heiner Zinoni, Thomas von Loeper and Gernot Roidl, from Netherlands Breebaart Filatelie, from Sweden AB Philea etc.
One event, one price of admission* ... and a full day packed with experiences.
Waiting for you at the exhibition covering the area of two football stadiums:
sales stands of 250 exhibitors from 40 countries offering postage stamps, postal stationery, old postcards, coins, medals, orders, awards, bank notes, minerals, precious stones, jewelry made with natural materials, phone cards and other cards and absolutely anything collectible,
philatelic exhibits from 63 countries at two thousand exhibit spaces in competition classes for traditional philately, postal history, philatelic literature** and one-frame exhibits,
hall of fame with philatelic treasures from the collection of Queen Elizabeth II of England and other famous collectors
the national philatelic exhibition Czech Youth Salon
postal administrations including Czech Post and Slovak Post, postal administrations from Asia, the United Nations Postal Administration, and also mints:
12 September: International Federation of Philately (FIP) Day,
13 September: Czechoslovak and Czech Stamp Day,
14 September: United Nations Day,
free expertise and consulting service in the fields of philately, numismatics, mineralogy, phone cards and other collectibles
the virtual internet Exponet world philatelic exhibition,
Youth Post with lots of surprises for future collectors,
and many other events in all fields of collecting.
* single ticket 80 CZK, three-day-ticket 200 CZK, free admission for youth up to age 18 and women
** the philatelic literature class is at the Postal Museum, where you can see unique postal artifacts of the past and present
More information for visitors, exhibitors/dealers:
Progres Partners Advertising, s.r.o., Opletalova 55, CZ-110 00 Praha 1, fax: +420/224 218 312. Accommodations and transportation for visitors are arranged by the travel agency Čedok (http://www.cedok.com/praga2008).
Jindrich Jirasek, Collector  12.2.2008
Revenue philately in the Habsburg Empire and in Hungary
We offer you a novelty from our webshop: Revenue philately in the Habsburg Empire and in Hungary. Description: The catalog (311 pages, colorful), which came up on the end of 2007, reform the revenue philately. The intention of the 5 autors was a summary of this field with a statistic background. The curiosity of this book is also the pricing and description of signettes (playing cards, newspaper and calendar). The book is written in Hungarian language, it contains an english Vocabular and Explanation. Limited edition. For more information please visit our webshop on the website: www.profila.hu 
RFR Co. Ltd., Profila Auctions 7.2.2008
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Chuck C. Cwiakala  (other informations)   03.02.2008
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Chuck C. Cwiakala  (other informations)   08.01.2008
Successful Literature at Sport-O-Net
Sport-O-Net was the first virtual competitive philatelic exhibition organised by Virtual Exhibitions EXPONET and the Union of Czech Philatelists (SCF). Exhibits with the spot themes were judged in November 2007 by an international jury according to the FIP rules.
There were also seven exhibits of the philatelic literature. The most successful exhibit of the whole exhibition was the book "The Olympic Issue of 1906" by Michaelis E. Tsironis from Greece. It was awarded Large Gold Medal (95 points). Selected pages from this book and the other exhibits can be seen at http://www.japhila.cz/sportonet  "Journal of Sports Philately" (Mark Maestrone, USA) was awarded Vermeil Medal (83 points).
Other literature exhibits - information magazines and brochures from Czechia and Russia were awarded Lange Silver and Silver medals.
Miroslav Langhammer  19.12.2007
Dear friends-collectors, I would like to invite you to visit us at http://www.brnofila.cz  and view our 77th mail bid sale BRNOFILA-BLAHA.
Petr Blaha  19.12.2007
All world best auctions home, file have 207 kB.
Chuck C. Cwiakala  (other informations)   29.11.2007
Czech post office to use ambigram on Valentine stamps
The Ceska posta Czech postal service is going to use for the first time a stamp with an ambigram, a word that can be read from several sides, on next year's St. Valentine day, Bretislav Janik from the Czech Telecommunication Office said today. It will most likely be for the first time in the world that an ambigram will be used on a post stamp, Janik said. The author of the Valentine ambigram is Czech artist Oldrich Posmurny. The stamps will be put on Valentine postcards by the post office in Milostin, central Bohemia. The Czech name "Milostin" is connected with the Czech word for "lover."
tam/dr/kva, Zpravodajství ČTK
Other details.
New offer from Japhila e-zine: http://www.japhila.cz/a/lit/lit1.htm
Bret Janik   24.11.2007
Another piece of Germany's most desireable postwar stamps has been found during last week: A commercially used copy of the world famous unissued charity stamp "Audrey Hepburn" of 2001. A collector in his mid 30s living in the Rhineland area found this rarity, which is the 4th one world wide known, among a bunch of clipped envelope corners which he had kept untouched for a couple of years. Checking the internet, he found his way to the famous stamp auctioneer ULRICH FELZMANN who has already auctioneered 2 pieces of this great rarity in 2005 and 2006. The buyer in 2005 paid incredible EURO 170,000 (USD 209,000) for his corner piece. ULRICH FELZMANN company will show this stamp legendary which the famous MICHEL catalogue quotes to be the "Blue Mauritius of Germany", on the occasion of the Sindelfingen International Stamp Fair (Oct 26 - 28, 2007, booth 62). The stamp is preserved still on its original envelope cut-out and goes with a clean certificate by philatelic expert Andreas Schlegel. AUDREY HEPBURN 2001.
Axel Möller, Philatelist and Webmaster of https://www.felzmann.de/ 
On the way to Sport-O-Net 2007 Exhibition – http://www.japhila.cz/sportonet/
The Czech Society for Sports and Olympic Philately called OLYMPSPORT, member of the Union of Czech Philatelists, is organizing a virtual, competitive philatelic exhibition SPORT-O-NET 2007. This internet experiment is especially adressed to thematic exhibitors. According to Special Regulations, participating exhibits will be judged by 5-member Jury. Two judges are FIP accredited jurors for thematic philately class: Mr. Eliseo Rubén Otero from Argentina and Mr. Roman Babut from Poland. To evaluate exhibits from different countries and continents through internet will be highly responsible and not easy at all.
I believe that all the evaluations will be done correctly and exhibitors will be motivated and inspired by the results.
SPORT-O-NET 2007 is the very first international experiment. So I hope its organizers and namely jurors will share their knowledge and experience with others on pages of the FIP FLASH.
The virtual competitive exhibition SPORT-O-NET 2007 will surely open new horizons for philately and exhibiting. I wish the organizers, exhibitors and jurors GOOD LUCK.
Lumir Brendl, President of Union of Czech Philatelists  4.11.2007
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Chuck C. Cwiakala  (other informations)   2.11.2007
120 Years of the Organised Philately in Czechia
A smaller exhibition in the Prague Postal Museum and a festive meeting remembered the 120th anniversary of the Club of Czech Philatelists (Klub ceskych filatelistu, KCF).
The founder and the first president of the club was Vincenc Jedlicka (16.12.1852 - 20.10.1914). Among the members were since the beginning important philatelists. One of them was the Africa explorer Dr. Emil Holub (see the new Czech stamp issued on 3.10.2007).
Members of the Club participated already at the first stamp exhibition in Vienna in 1881. The first stamp exhibition in Prague took place on the eve of the World War I in June 1914. Affiliates of KCF arose in different towns. Later, especially after the World War I, they were basis for new philatelic clubs. The tradition of KCF continues until now. Within the Union of Czech Philatelists (SCF) the club has number 00-1. Today it has about 450 members.
Members of KCF were also at the cradle of the Czech philatelic literature. On 25.2.1896 the first magazine Cesky filatelista (The Czech Philatelist) edited by Josef Madl was published. In 1887 Zikmund Reach published the first Czech stamp album. At the exhibition in the Prague Postal Museum historical documents, souvenirs, photos, medals as well as newspaper and magazines with articles about the club activities were shown.
For the exhibition a postcard with portrait of Vincenc Jedlicka was issued and on 20.10.2007 a special postmark was used.
Miroslav Langhammer  ( www.aijp.org )   21.10.2007
Meeting of the SCF Society for Philatelic Literature
Members of the Society for Philatelic Literature within the Union of Czech Philatelists (SCF) met on 13 October 2007 in the Prague Postal Museum.
The Chairman of the Society, Miroslav Langhammer, AIJP, informed about the exhibition of philatelic literature LIPSIA 2007 in Leipzig, Germany, its associated program and about the AIJP Congress.
Main point of the meeting was the electronic philatelic literature which is ever more actual and interesting. Bretislav Janik, AIJP, gave the introductory word. He is the pioneer of the electronic philatelic literature in Czechia. Since 17.5.1999 he publishes in his Internet magazine JAPHILA philatelic news almost every day. Within JAPHILA the first virtual philatelic exhibition with more than 300 exhibits from many countries is organised. Mr Janik has shown the philatelic literature in the Internet and the possibilities of this new medium. He has also shown the possibility of publishing information and circulars as a blog for closed groups (e.g. members of a society or study group). This can substantially reduce costs of print and postage. On electronic philatelic literature (CDs) as exhibits on philatelic exhibitions and their evaluation spoke Miroslav Langhammer.
Miroslav Langhammer  ( www.aijp.org )   21.10.2007

The 2007 jubilee fair Collector is over
A total of 11,624 collectors of postage stamps, historical postcards, coins, banknotes, minerals and telephone cards from all over this country and from abroad gathered from 14 to 16 September 2007 at the Prague Exhibition Grounds, where the jubilee tenth-annual international fair Collector was held. The fair is the biggest gathering of collectors in Central and Eastern Europe, this year hosting 221 exhibitors from 36 countries.
Jindrich Jirasek  (other informations)   17.10.2007

Freddie Mercury´s album
Attracting plenty of media attention was the exhibit of the British Postal Museum, which lent the unique album of the singer Freddie Mercury of the rock band Queen to a foreign exhibition for the first time since 1999. The museum acquired the album for its collection at an auction in 1993 for 3,500 pounds sterling. Among those who came to see the album was Peter Freestone, who was Freddie Mercury’s personal assistant for twelve years and is today a permanent resident of the Czech Republic. The so-called blue album also contains stamps from former Czechoslovakia. Today its value has more than doubled. On the home page of the www.sberatel.info you will find more information about the fair that just ended.
Jindrich Jirasek  17.10.2007
Preparations for 2008 began immediately
Already during the last fair, preparations got started for 2008. From 12 to 14 September 2008, the international fair Collector will be held jointly with the World Stamp Exhibition PRAGA 2008 www.praga2008.cz  The last world stamp exhibition in Prague was twenty years ago. Organization of the Praga exhibition was entrusted to the same firm that presented the fair Collector – Progres Partners Advertising. The contest for philatelic exhibits is being organized by the Union of Czech Philatelists secretariat@praga2008.cz
Already at this year’s fair, over 40 exhibitors turned in applications for next year. More are arriving daily by mail. The director of the fair Collector, Jindřich Jirásek, expects participation in the joint event in 2008 by more than 30 postal administrations, at least 20 mints and a total number of exhibitors/vendors certainly in excess of 250. For the fair Collector and the exhibition Praga, for which there will be a single entry price, a much larger area will be available for exhibitors. The organizers expect near 30,000 visitors for the 2008 event.
Jindrich Jirasek  17.10.2007
64th PROFILA International Auction
Hungarian and Foreign Philately and Postalhistory.  Dear Customer,
All results of our 64th PROFILA International Auction - Hungarian and Foreign Philately and Postalhistory are already online: www.profila.hu
Please take the chance to buy from the unsold items at starting price till the 29th of October. Orders are executed in the order of their arrival.
If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail (info@profila.hu) or by phone (+36/1/485-5060)!
PFR Co.Ltd, Profila Auctions  10.10.2007
All world best auctions home, file have 160 kB.
Chuck C. Cwiakala  (other informations)   5.10.2007
Dear friends of the AIJP, dear collegues,
it is the first time that I use this electronical way to inform you about future events. We will have a AIJP-meeting at the PHILATELIA in Cologne, friday, 21th of September 2007, from 3-5 p.m. in a room of hall 3.1.
This is followed only one week later by the AIJP-congress in the New townhall of Leipzig at the LIPSIA on 29th of September 2007. I would like to invite you all to this special literature exhibition with international support by many members of the AIJP. I also invite you to the literature presentation of the Consilium Philatelicum on the day before, 28th of September, at the same place from 3.30 to 4.30 p.m. and to the Symposium of the Consilium Philatelicum on 29th of September (2-5 p.m.; 30th of September: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.). Subject: Leipzig - 150 years of german philately.
On the 27th of October (10-12 a.m.) we will have another meeting at the 25. International Stanp Fair in Sindelfingen. We will meet in a room at the Hotel Mercure at the Stamp Fair.
In Cologne and Sindelfingen we are present with a AIJP-booth at the fair. We will have the new member-PR-flyer and new AIJP-vignettes in english and german with us.
In case you havn't told me yet that you will take part at the congress in Leipzig I would appreciate your confirmation by mail. I really look forward to meet you,
Wolfgang Maassen, president of AIJP  14.9.2007
All world best auctions home, file have 147 kB.
Chuck C. Cwiakala  (other informations)   4.9.2007
Jindrich Jirásek   (other informations)  3.9.2007
The deadline for applications for the exhibition PRAGA 2008 is approaching!!!
The final deadline for submitting applications for the exhibition PRAGA 2008 is 30 September 2007. Applications will be accepted only if they have been confirmed by the relevant national commissioner and delivered by that date.
Vladimír Münzberger 31.8.2007
The President of the FIP Visits Prague on 25 and 26 August 2007
Mr. Jos Wolff, President of the FIP, made his first official working visit on the weekend of 25 and 26 August. He acted as a consultant and inspected the status of preparations for the World Stamp Exhibition PRAGA 2008.
Discussions during several working meetings concerned the details of communication of the organizing committee with FIP philatelic member federations, the gathering of applications for exhibits, the nomination of members of the exhibition jury and the basic schedule for the days and events of the exhibitions including the conditions for the work of all of the exhibition’s functionaries. There was also discussion concerning the series of auxiliary programs at the exhibition, such as the simultaneous Salon of Czech Youth exhibition, the presentation of the virtual exhibition EXPONET, the Youth Post and several other topics...
Vladimír Münzberger   (other informations)  30.7.2007
All world best auctions home, file have 94 kB.
Chuck C. Cwiakala  (other informations)   5.8.2007
List of exhibitors at the jubilee 10th International Trade Fair Colector in Prague
Organiser of the international trade fair Collector (Sberatel) – a company Progres Partners Advertising - has issued a preliminary list of exhibitors at this year´s jubilee annual which is held at the Exhibition Ground in Prague, Czech Republic, on September 14 – 16th 2007.
Jindrich Jirasek  (other inforations)  30.7.2008
A Jubilee Year for the Collector Fair in Prague
From 14 to 16 September at the Exhibition Grounds in Prague will be the tenth anniversary of the international fair Collector (Sberatel). The fair has already established itself as one of the important collector events in Europe, and it has its regular place on the calendars of international philatelic and numismatic organizations.
This year, more than 220 exhibitors from 35 countries will present themselves at the fair Collector, which is dedicated mainly to philately, old postcards and numismatics as well as to minerals, precious stones, phonecards and other collectors’ items. The event is held under the auspices of Czech Post, the Union of Czech Philatelists and the Czech Numismatic Society.
Philately is most heavily represented at the fair. Although some people say the collecting of stamps and postal stationery is old fashioned, surveys conducted at the fair last year and three years ago have shown that these days philately still has not lost its attractiveness for young people. Additionally, every event similar to the fair Collector creates a wave of interest in collecting.
Besides all of the important Czech dealers and collectors in the field of philately, the fair also introduces companies from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Argentina, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Besides Czech Post, the postal administrations from Australia, Byelorussia, Ireland, Cyprus, Germany, North Korea, Serbia, Slovakia, Switzerland and the United Nations will also be attending the fair. So-called “postage stamp countries” ranging from the islands of Fiji to Vanuatu will be represented as well. Postal administrations have prepared cancellation stamps and postal stationery for the fair, and on Sunday at the Czech Post exhibit it will be possible to have Czech Post mail marked with the UN cancellation stamp. Sunday at the fair will also be declared United Nations Day. Moreover, philatelists and laypersons will surely be enthusiastic about the exhibit borrowed from the British Postal Museum and Archive in London.
This year’s jubilee fair will be a thorough preparation for 2008, when the fair will be held jointly with the World Stamp Exhibition PRAGA.
As with postage stamps that can be collected purely as a hobby or as a good investment, the field of numismatics likewise offers a whole spectrum ranging from coins of ancient Greece to modern pure gold coins. The collecting of coins and bank notes has been growing rapidly for several years. The main cause for this has been the gradual introduction of the Euro in EU countries. Collectors not only add new annual issues of coins from the original EU countries, but also await eagerly and with great interest the new coins, as was the case this year with Slovenia and as will again be the case in 2009 with Slovakia, then with the Czech Republic in 2012. Mints also issue gold investment coins that definitely will not lose value over time. For this reason, mint exhibits have traditionally been successful at the fair Collector, whether the Czech Mint, the Kremnica Mint of Slovakia or mints from Austria, Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway or other countries are involved. For the jubilee fair, the Czech Numismatic Society has prepared an exhibition of Czech coins from the Middle Ages to the present.
Also on the rise is collecting of old postcards, especially from before 1945. Their prices have multiplied several times over in recent years, and making a collection of postcards of your home town or a collection of greeting cards or Christmas cards is now quite difficult. This involves some nostalgia about past times, but also curiosity about what someone’s street looked like a hundred years ago. The color lithography from the end 1800s and early 1900s on the postcards is also often very artistic. In any case, collecting both old and new postcards is a great pleasure, just like other collectors’ fields. More than 40 dealers will be presenting post cards at the fair Collector.
In recent years, there has been a great increase to the number of exhibitors of minerals and precious stones. Naturally this field also has collectors, but the magic of the fair Collector is that it is also intended for the general public. Having an amethyst geode from Brazil or calcite or a desert rose from China for your home is certain to bring compliments from visitors. These wonders of nature will be represented at the fair by samples discovered at perhaps every well-known site on earth. There will also be necklaces, bracelets, pendants, so-called healing stones and many other cut and polished minerals and precious stones. Dealers, which will be bringing them to the fair, will be not only from the Czech Republic, but also from China, India, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. An interesting addition for this field will be an exhibit titled Giants presenting new finds of minerals from central China weighing up to 70 kg.
Traditionally, phonecards have been included at the fair. Today people around the world are collecting not only classic chip cards for payphones, but also pre-paid cards, mobile phone refill cards and other types of cards in general (bank cards, hotel cards, hockey cards etc.). Card issuers accommodate collectors by carefully choosing interesting subjects. At the fair Collector, dealers from China, England, France, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey, Russia and elsewhere will offer cards. People still collect cards, and the collections look beautiful in the folders. As the collectors say, cards aren’t as light as stamps, so they won’t fly away in the breeze, nor are they as heavy as minerals, so you won’t break your toes if you drop them. Sheets for business cards can be used to store them.
As each year, the Czech Curiosity Collectors’ Club has represented miscellaneous collecting at the fair. People also take pleasure in collecting lids from coffee cream, napkins, pocket planners, cheese or beer labels, antique cars, fuses, boilers and so forth. These collectors often preserve a piece of the past for future generations. Besides, it is also true that whatever people collect, if collectors really go in depth, they become experts on a particular field and a particular historical period. After all, all of the excellent private museums today in the Czech Republic are based on collections that the owners want to show to the general public.
For all collecting fields, official experts will be available to visitors free of charge for consulting and expert opinions (at stands with the word “Poradenství” – consulting – written in yellow).
Opening hours: Friday & Saturday 10 – 18 hrs, Sunday 10 – 16 hrs. Entrance tickets for 60 CZK (2 Euro). Traditionally, women and young people up to age 18 have been admitted to the fair Collector free of charge.
More information you will find on www.sberatel.info
Jindřich Jirásek 18.7.2007
Mr. FERBER: "We've had monopolies for more than 200 years. Monopolies are not capable of solving the problems the postal services are facing. Those problems can only be solved if there is a fair competition, that takes into consideration working and workers' conditions".
CHARLIE McCREEVY, Member of the Commission. - Mr President, I wish to thank all Members of Parliament for their comments. With its vote, Parliament will be taking a clear and a strong stance. This should motivate the Council to come to a conclusion rapidly.
In closing, let me stress a few key points. Many Members raised the financing of the universal service as the principal challenge. We ought to remember that there is a big diversity of national situations and that there is not necessarily any net cost of the universal service. It is, therefore, necessary that the third Postal Directive gives the broadest possible flexibility to share out any unfair burden or organise compensation mechanisms. As far as we can see, the amendments do not aim at changing this approach.
The Commission also notes the amendments relating to the date of full market opening. This question will also be essential in discussions with the Council. Some Member States want more time, other Member States have opened up their markets already or will do so before 2009 and a substantial number of Member States agree with the Commission’s proposal in this respect.
Parliament suggested to further request the Commission to provide assistance and guidance on the implementation of this directive after its entry into force but before 1 January 2009. The Commission has always been ready to assist Member States and has done so on many occasions. It has, however, done so autonomously, which, as Members will understand, is of particular importance in the framework of its responsibilities under Title VI of the EC Treaty. So let me be clear: the Commission will not leave Member States alone once a legislator has adopted this important directive.
The Commission wants the internal market for postal services to be a success. We want this for our customers and for the operators, and for the many thousands of postmen and postwomen who ensure that the post is one of our most cherished services. The Commission will do what it can within its powers to contribute to this.
A large number of amendments are on the table. I have arranged for an overview of the Commission’s position on the amendments to be handed over to Parliament’s services for inclusion in the minutes. Once again, I should like to thank the rapporteur, Mr. Ferber, and to stress the importance of advancing this sensitive and important dossier.
Jiří Kubíček 10.7.2007
All world best auctions home, file have 96 kB.
Chuck C. Cwiakala  (other informations)   9.7.2007
Postal services should be opened up to competition by 2011, subject to strict conditions
Remaining postal service monopolies in EU Member States should expire by 31 December 2010, two years later than the 1 January 2009 deadline proposed by the European Commission, according to a report by the Transport Committee that will be voted on in the next Plenary Session in July. Full market opening should mean that national operators will no longer have a monopoly on mail below the maximum weight of 50 grams, known as the "reserved area".
The two-year postponement was a compromise, backed by rapporteur Markus FERBER (EPP - ED), to get the proposal through. Some MEPs had argued that in parts of the EU, more time is needed to create a stable regulatory framework for ensuring that post continues to be delivered EU-wide at an affordable cost, and to enable postal operators to adapt to new market conditions.
MEPs in the committee nonetheless stress that the directive's implementation must remain subject to important conditions, including a "universal service" (full territorial coverage at an affordable cost) and rules on working conditions and collective bargaining.
Letters to be collected and delivered at least five days a week, for all EU citizens
Letters should go on being both delivered and collected at least once a day, five days a week, for every EU citizen, not just in Athens or London, but also in Crete or the Shetlands. This "universal service" (full territorial coverage) obligation should be retained, said the committee.
Funding universal service
If market players prove unable to provide such services profitably, then Member States may set up compensation funds, financed by service providers and/or user fees, to cover universal service costs. Alternatively, universal service providers could be compensated by the state. To ensure affordability, Member States may themselves decide upon the choice of financing mechanisms to be used.
No authorisation for "reserved area" monopolies to operate in liberalised markets abroad
To prevent any distortion of competition until markets are opened up to competition, the committee said that postal service providers from countries with a reserved area must not meanwhile be granted an authorisation to operate in countries, such as Sweden, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands and the UK, where the postal market has already been fully opened.
Some Member States have until 2013
New Member States and those with a particularly difficult topography or with numerous islands, the deadline for liberalising markets will be two years later, i.e. 31 December 2012, to allow extra time to find ways to a maintain universal service.
Collective bargaining and other conditions
The directive will not affect terms and conditions of employment, nor will it affect relations between social partners, including the right to strike and to take industrial action, said the committee.
MEPs also acknowledged Member States could impose conditions on the supply of postal services for non-economic reasons, such as ensuring the confidentiality of correspondence, the security of the network when transporting dangerous goods and complying with conditions of employment and social security schemes laid down by law and/or by collective agreement negotiated between national partners.
The UK position
The UK has already liberalised the market for postal services, and has already seen a significant improvement in the quality of services, the access to these services, and the value for money offered by postal operators. Such transformation is possible all over Europe, but will continue to be delayed as long as monopoly reserved areas are maintained.
Clearly there are legitimate concerns about ensuring adequate funding for universal service provision, and furthermore, the UK supports the proposal for guidance to be developed to quantify the net costs (if any) of this universal service provision.
The Postal Services Directive (97/67/EC), which guarantees the citizen EU-wide postal services, originally set a target of opening up postal markets to competition by 2009, but required the Commission to come forward with new legislation to confirm or modify this date in 2006. It is this further legislation which is now being considered by Parliament. Under the existing Directive, the scope of the "reserved area" has been reduced from mail under 350 grams at the outset, to 100 grams in 2002, and is now 50 grams.
Transport Committee vote
The committee adopted its report on the proposed directive on the accomplishment of the internal market of Community postal services 38 votes in favour, 6 against and no abstentions. Mr Ferber believed that the package as adopted was realistic, as it had the support of a majority of MEPs. "My feeling is that we have taken the interests of all Member States on board", he said.
Bretislav Janik, Brussels (photo from seminare) 2.7.2007

Collection of  „Russia’s Zemstvo Post” in Postal Museum in Prague
Collection of „Russia’s Zemstvo Post” in Postal Museum in Prague - Postal Museum was addressed by Mr. Jurij Vladimirovic Korenev with the offer of the world unique postage stamp collection of the so called „Russia’s Zemstvo” in November 1981. These stamps were issued for the needs of the autonomous unites in Czarist Russia in the years 1864-1917. With this offer he fulfilled a request of his philatelic friend ing. arch. Leonid Sergejevic Lada–Jakusevic, who passed away shortly before and whom to a sole heir Mr. Korenev was. This large collection of great historical and philatelic value, created by Lada–Jakusevic since his youth, was taken over by Postal Museum on 16 November 1981.
After biographical data, saved in a special Russian exile archive in Slavic Library, which is part of the Czech National Library, was Mr. Leonid Sergejevic Lada-Jakusevic born in Voronez 1898. His origin was in provincial aristocratic family. His father of Serbian nationality spent the WWI time on the Serbian front. After getting back to Russia he died or probably was killed in the war against Bolshevists. Leonid Lada–Jakusevic together with his mother and sister succeeded to get away from communist terror and emigrated to Czechoslovakia, where they acquired nationality. So they cast in lot with thousands of free-thinking and not fanaticised fellow citizens. On the Czech Technical University he graduated architecture. He applied his profession realising various projects, for example the hospital in Bratislava or arrangement of the park on Jungmann’s square in Melnik. He was a president of the Russian Union of engineers and technicians. Since 1938 he published the magazine “Russian Architect in Abroad” in Russian language.
The life of Lada–Jakusevic has changed dramatically after the liberation of Prague with Soviet army. Already on 15 May 1945 members of counterespionage arrested him and dragged him off to the Soviet Union. The same revenge afflicted many other Czechoslovak citizens, emigrants after Bolshevik revolution. On 8 September 1945 he was sentenced for 10 years, which he spent in various camps from frosty north of Russian Siberian to Mongolian deserts. His punishment finished on 3 March 1955 and on 20 September he returned back to Czechoslovakia. It can be said, that he was lucky, because many dragged off prisoners died in the camps. One of them was his friend ing. Kovalevsky, whose widow Nelli Ivanovna Mr. Lada–Jakusevic get married when he returned back. Their marriage remained childless. Nelli Ivanovna passed away in the same year as her husband, in 1981. Till death they lived in Prague Bubenec, in Terronská street #9 (Zdanova street in that time).
L. S. Lada–Jakusevic started collecting stamps of the Russia’s Zemstvo Post already as a young boy. He probably brought the basis of the collection to Czechoslovakia with him and further complemented it. As marked on some exhibiting sheets, after returning back from Gulags, he presented his collection on a number of national philatelic exhibitions. Postal Museum showed off part of the collection first in 1988 in occasion of opening the new exposure in just reconstructed object Nové mlyny 2 in Prague 1. It happened during the World Stamp Exhibition PRAGA 1988. The collection of the Russia’s Zemstvo Post did not miss the attention of the representative of the Soviet agency Novosti. He was very interested in the origin of the collection and the circumstances through which it get into the museum. Perhaps, in respect to coming political changes in original Soviet Union, his interest fortunately remained on the small talk level only.
Jan Galuška, Poštovní muzeum Praha  (other informations)  21.6.2007

ISSN 0972-3587 - The News, Views, & Features on Philately & Postal Services of India, Issue # 293 - Jun 14, 2007. Published Every Thursday, Edited by Madhukar and Savita Jhingan. In this issue: Forthcoming Stamp Issues, Recent Special Postmarks & Covers, Collectors Pack 2005, Indian Thematic Society, Keonjhar Philatelic Association, Recent Periodical Publications, Album for Se-Tenants, Recent & Forthcoming Events, Readers Forum: Nikhil, Mainak Kathiara, Surendra Bhaskar, Akshay Borad, History of Postal Communications in India, Part 1.
Other informations: postmaster@stampsofindia.net  15.6.2007
In this Issue: PHILSENSEX; New Stamps Released; New Postal Stationery: Meghdoot Postcards; Recent Special Postmarks & Covers; New Assistant Director General; New Yahoo Group; Recent & Forthcoming Events; The Calendar of Worldwide Philatelic Auctions; Readers Forum: Les Winick, Ashish Talwar.
Madhukar and Savita Jhingan  (other informations)  11.6.2007
Czech Post Cancellation Stamps and Postcards at the Fair Collector 2007
As has been the case every year, a daily cancellation stamp and a commemorative stamp for United Nations Day at the fair will be available at the Czech Post stand. That stamp of UNO will only be available to collectors on Sunday, 16 September. An R sticker has also been issued for the fair, and Czech Post is additionally issuing postcards featuring more artwork from the series begun last year.
Jindrich Jirasek 11.6.2007
More Sellers of Postcards
Each year there are increasing numbers of dealers of old postcards at the fair Collector, which is being held this year at the Exhibition Grounds in Prague District 7 from 14 to 16 September. This year, such traditional exhibitors as Emil Djubek, Daniel Hlaváč, Miroslav Kolenčík, Jaroslav Kovařík, Miroslav Matura, Evžen Majoroš and several second-hand bookshops will be joined by new exhibitors including Mrs. Brigitte Wiesauer (Der Heimatsammler) from Ferlach, Austria.
Last year, 49 exhibitors offered old postcards.
Jindrich Jirasek 11.6.2007
Biener GmbH in Prague for the First Time
The company Biener GmbH from Reutlingen, Germany, will be participating at the fair for the first time this year. Founded in 1981, the company’s varied exhibit stands are among the biggest at German philatelic fairs. Udo Biener takes part in about 45 events each year. In his exhibits, collectors find a complete offering of German and European postage stamps and 500 folders with motifs. The wide assortment is supplemented with whole collections, over 300 superior sets with photographic certification, inexpensive accessories and a big selection of catalogs.
Jindrich Jirasek 11.6.2007
The Curiosity Collectors’ Club Comes Every Year
Since the very beginnings of the fair Collector, the Czech Curiosity Collectors’ Club has been a loyal exhibitor. Founded in 1965, it is active throughout the country and has nearly a thousand members. It is the biggest collector’s club in the Czech Republic and it is involved with two hundred collecting fields. The greatest interest is in collecting of postcards, models and figures, beer souvenirs, cheese labels and pocket diaries. The big collectors’ meeting held regularly by the club attracts over 10,000 visitors each year. Some of the members’ collections are world famous, and in some cases are the world’s largest collections. For this year’s fair Collector, the club is preparing exhibits of the collections of its members and is also issuing pocket diaries with the fair’s logo for the year 2008.
Jindrich Jirasek 11.6.2007
Exhibition of Czech Numismatic Society
For this year’s jubilee fair, the Czech Numismatic Society has prepared the exhibition Czech Coins from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age. The exhibition will present the oldest, most famous and most expensive Czech coins. The Czech Numismatic Society participates at the fair each year and is one of the fair’s patrons. Its members provide visitors with consulting and expert services free of charge.
Jindrich Jirasek 11.6.2007
A Big Exhibit by the Polish Company Hanmart
The Polish company Hanmart from Wiele will be greatly expanding its exhibit at the fair Collector this year. While it will mainly focus on philately, its offering will also include coins and bank notes as well as telephone cards. Last year when they participated in the fair for the first time, the owners of Hanmart were enthusiastic. After all, 13,000 visitors eager to buy – that’s really something!
Jindrich Jirasek 11.6.2007
More Exhibitors Are Registering
Again appearing at this year’s tenth anniversary fair will be the Slovak Post, the Cyprus Postal Services, philately dealers from faraway Argentina, the Kremnica Mint, Phila from Slovenia, Schoeller Münzhandel from Austria, Miroslav Prusac from Croatia, World Gemstones from Germany, Monique Salmon from France, Xu Wei from China and many, many others. And let’s not forget the Czech exhibitors. All of them will be returning.
Jindrich Jirasek 11.6.2007
Philatelists Aren’t Just at the Fair
Although the international fair Collector is the climax of the year’s activities for all collectors including philatelists (one dealer says the collectors eagerly look forward to it like little boys would), a number of philately exchanges are held in Prague throughout the year. The best known and largest exchanges are held regularly on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays in the Barikádníků House of Culture (Kulturní dům Barikádníků) at the address Saratovská ulice 200/1 in the Prague District 10 neighborhood of Strašnice. The weekend exchanges are held in the morning starting at eight o’clock, and the Wednesday exchanges start at 3:30 p.m. They are held throughout the year except for July and August.
Jindrich Jirasek 11.6.2007
Last two number of popular newsletter "Stamps of India Collectors Companion 291 and 290.
Madhukar and Savita Jhingan  (other informations / Nr. 290 )  4.6.2007
All world best auctions home, file have 162 kB.
Chuck C. Cwiakala  (other informations)   4.6.2007
In this Issue: Stamp Issue Program 2007; New Stamps Released ; New Postal Stationery: Meghdoot Postcards; Recent Special Postmarks & Covers; Valentine Day Greeting Cards; S D Bhatia Passes Away; Recent & Forthcoming Events.
Edited by Madhukar and Savita Jhingan  (other informations)  11.5.2007
In this Issue: Forthcoming Stamp Issues; New Stamps Released; New Postal Stationery: Meghdoot Postcards; Recent Special Postmarks & Covers; Army Postal Service Issues: Field Postal Orders; New Collector Packs; Auction Action; Philatelic Advisory Committee; Recent & Forthcoming Events; Philatelic Exhibits Online Update (EXPONET); Recent Philatelic Periodicals; India Post Energy Audit; Readers Forum: CA Chandrasekhar, Zulaiha Mohamed.
Madhukar and Savita Jhingan  (other informations)  4.5.2007
All world best auctions home, file have 189 kB.
Chuck C. Cwiakala  (other informations)   3.5.2007
I would like to invite you to visit us at http://fos-aukce.cz  and view our 28rd bid sale FILATELIE-FOS".
Filatelie FOS, Prag 20.4.2007
In this Issue: Forthcoming Stamp Issues; New Stamps Released; New Postal Stationery: Meghdoot Postcards; Recent Special; Postmarks & Covers; Franchise Post Offices; New Philatelic Literature; More Philatelic Exhibits Online (EXPONET); Recent & Forthcoming Events; More Philatelic Calendars; Recent Philatelic Periodicals.
Madhukar and Savita Jhingan (other informations) 20.4.2007
Collector 2007: Celebrants at a Jubilee Fair
This year the international fair Collector (Sberatel) in Prague is celebrating its 10th anniversary. There are fifteen exhibitors who have never missed an annual event, and the organizers have prepared a special award for them this year as a thanks for their faithful participation during the entire ten years of the fair’s existence and for not having hesitated to sign up for the premiere event in 1998, when nobody had any idea yet of how things would develop. Receiving awards will be Mr. Stefan Jopke and Mr. Hinrich Osterloh (Aix-phila, Germany), Mr. Dimiter Monev (Bulphila, Bulgaria), Mr. Yevgeniy Nikiforov from Russia, Ms. Leone Caola-Madzia (United Nations Postal Administration), Mr. Marián Jobek from Slovakia, Dr. Janusz Konopka (Profilex, Poland) and the Czech exhibitors Mr. Jiří Bouček, Mr. Jiří Stošek (Filatelie Hobby Prague), Jindřich Holna, Mr. Robert Chaloupka, Mr. Ladislav Likler (Collectors Club od Curious), Mr. Karel Mařík (Mineral & Gem Collection), Mr. Roman Repka (Numismatika Zlatá koruna), Mr. Zdeněk Šroubek (Qarta) and also the Czech Numismatic Society.
Jindřich Jirásek  16.4.2007
Collector 2007: Veraphil in Prague for the First Time
Participating for the first time at this year’s jubilee Collector fair, to be held at the Prague Exhibition Grounds from 14 to 16 September, will be the Swiss philatelic firm Veraphil. Founded 25 years ago in Basil, it specializes mainly in stamps from Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Naturally, its attractive offerings will include letters from both countries.
Jindřich Jirásek  16.4.2007
Collector 2007: Austrian Mint - Ever Growing Interest
In recent years, the Austrian Mint has been a regular exhibitor. It is commercially successful at the fair, and according to a statement made last year by the mint’s director of marketing, Franz Artmüller, each year they are seeing increased interest both among those who want to invest in coins and among those who come to add to their collections. The Austrian Mint has an 800-year history, and especially in recent times it has won many awards and honors. Among other things, it is entered in the Guinness Book of World Records for minting the world’s largest gold coin, weighing 1000 ounces (31.103 kg). The coin is made of 99.99 % pure gold and has a diameter of 37 centimeters.
Jindřich Jirásek  16.4.2007
Collector 2007: More Exhibits of Minerals and Precious Stones
Minerals and especially jewelry made of natural materials and precious stones have been a part of the fair since the very first annual event, but this collector’s field has only really caught on at the Collector fair in recent years. Because of the great interest among buyers – mostly women – there are larger numbers of exhibitors every year. Last year, visitors and exhibitors alike were shocked by the cheap prices of amethyst geodes up to a meter across from Brazil and of other minerals from all over the world. Jewelry was offered by exhibitors not only from the Czech Republic but also from Germany, Hungary and Poland.
Jindřich Jirásek  16.4.2007
Collector 2007: Exhibitors Are Coming Back
The organizers have received applications from several other exhibitors. Again exhibiting in a joint stand will be Vojta Postal History Auctions from Austria, Peter McBride from the United Kingdom and Studio Filatelico Paolo Gazzera from Italy. Wim van der Bijl from the Netherlands is already preparing new items to bring to Prague, and also returning after two years are the brothers Georgi and Otari Kaouslidis from Thessaloniki, Greece. Also among those ordering stands is the Belarus Postal Authority.
Jindřich Jirásek  16.4.2007
60. International Profila Auction - Mail Auction
15th of April, 2007 (Sunday); Vintage Postcards Over 13000 old postcards. Printed catalogue will appear in the following theme: - Hungarian Topography; - Paperantiques: Posters, Photos, Books, Printed matters, Maps, Engravings, Graphics; On-line catalogues: (The following materials will be available ONLY on the Internet!). - Foreign Topography; - Artist signed cards: Wiener Werkstätte, Mela Koehler, Mucha, Hungarian Industrial Art School. Bidding is possible through Mail Auction till: 14th of April 2007, 24.00. Our Online Catalogue is available with rollable and enlargable colour pictures on our website: www.profila.hu  Upon request, we can send photocopies, more detailed descriptions or printed catalogues. Please do not hesitate to contact us! Regarding the short time we kindly ask you to send your bids (no post please!) per fax (+36/1/485-5069), e-mail ( info@profila.hu ) or by phone (+36/1/485-5060).
28. bid sale FILATELIE-FOS
Dear friends-collectors, I would like to invite you to visit us at http://fos-aukce.cz  and view our 28rd bid sale FILATELIE-FOS.
Filatelie FOS, Prag   13.4.2007
Nazi dictatorship reflected in documents of postal communication Explorations in the border area of philately and history
The project consists of two parts. Part I: German Jews 1933 to 1945 will be presented at the Education and Culture Centre of the Jewish Museum Prague on March 12 and April 18, 2007
Pravoslav Kukacka  (other informations)  2.4.2007
Alllow me to notify you that the dealine of our Brnofila-Bláha 76th mail bid sale is approaching. The auction can be viewed on http://www.brnofila.cz  Please send your bids so that they reach us until Thursday March 29, 2007, 24.00 CET: a) by post to Brnofila, P.O.Box 40, CZ-621 00 Brno 21, Czech Republic; b) by email to brnofila@tiscali.cz  c) by fax to +420 541 229 320
Petr Bláha – Brnofila  25.3.2007
75th auction will end on March the 28. Don't forget to look at our Internet site. French stamps, French colonies and from other country, but also "Ballons Montés" and "Boules de Moulins" from the French Prussian war. Three rare french stamps and three classics are on our special offer. Hurry to send us a message if your are intersted by. All stamps with certificate. Look at other sections: philatelic literature, expertizing. www.brunphilatelie.com
Jean-François Brun  23.3.2007
In this Issue: Forthcoming Stamp Issues; New Stamps Released; New Postal Stationery: Meghdoot Postcards; Recent Special Postmarks & Covers; Army Postal Service; Field Postal Order; New Maxim Cards; New Stamp Booklets; Visiting St. Petersburg World Stamp Exhibition; Philatelic Exhibits Online About Exponet - notice B. J.); Recent & Forthcoming Events; India Post to Acquire Aircraft; India Post and Indian Railways Join Hands; India Post to Work with Self Help Groups; India Post to Disburse Bank Loans; India Post to Provide online Stock Trade; Matrimony Site Ties With India Post; Mail Theft Racket Busted.
Madhukar and Savita Jhingan (other information) 23.3.2007
PRAGA 2008 Distribution of application forms and the bulletin
Application forms for competition exhibits and an appropriate number of copies of Bulletin No. 1 have already been distributed to all nominated national commissioners or to the headquarters of all philatelic federations that had shown interest in any manner by then in participating at the PRAGA 2008 Exhibition. If any of the addressees have not received one of those parcels, they may contact the office of the organizing committee. The organizing committee does not, however, distribute applications to individuals interested in exhibiting – it is necessary to contact the relevant national commissioner or national federation. The binding deadline for completion of receipt of applications is 30 September 2007, and again that is only through national commissioners or national philatelic federations.
Vladimir Muenzbereger (other informations) 15.3.2007
Introduction à l'Histoire Postale de 1848 à 1878
If you have already sent your subscription, please forget that message. You have before received a proposal for a new book which will be avaiable at the beiginig of May "Introduction à l'Histoire Postale de 1848 à 1878". That 800 pages book, with many coloured illustrations has a hard cover and weight 3,300 kg. Thousands officials texts, from several libraries have been read, investigated, analysed by the authors Michèle Chauvet and myself. You will find, in this book, all about french postal history you were looking for in vain. On our web site: http://www.brunphilatelie.com  An auction, all lots are visible, a list of philatelic litterature, an all about expertizing.
The first registered exhibitors at fair Collector
Although the organizers so far sent out the first few application forms a few days ago only to postal administrations and mints, they already have records of the receipt of several dozen application forms downloaded from the website http://www.sberatel.info  Besides several Czech exhibitors, we already know that participants at this year’s fair will include the successful postal administrations of Germany, UNPA, Switzerland, Slovakia, North Korea and other countries, the Czech Mint, the Austrian Mint and Kremnica Mint of Slovakia, Daniel Hugo Mello Teggia from Argentina, Trevor Pateman from the United Kingdom, Hasamettin Atik from Turkey, George Shalev from Bulgaria, Robert Rozman from Slovenia, Xu Wei from China, Yevgeniy Nikiforov from Russia etc. etc. For the first time Jugomarka will participate this year. In the name of the PTT system of Serbia and Montenegro, the public enterprise Jugomarka is responsible for the realization of annual programs of postage stamps issues.
Jindrich Jirasek 9.3.2007
A surprise from the British Postal Museum and Archive
For this year’s jubilee event of the fair Collector, in cooperation with the British Postal Museum and Archive from London, the organizers have prepared a big surprise for visitors. The secret will be revealed just before the fair. The British Postal Museum and Archive (BPMA) gathers and cares for documents of the four centuries of development of postal services, valuable collections and unique postal artifacts. Through regular presentations at exhibitions, it also gives the general public access to its collection.
Jindrich Jirasek 9.3.2007
An important message to exhibitors of Collector about fraudulent service
Statement of the organizers, Progres Partners Advertising Ltd.: Once again we must warn against the deceptive and dangerous activities of the Austrian company Construct Data Verlag AG. Thanks to our own investigation and on the basis of notification from our exhibitors, we are registering an increasing number of cases of offers for the publication of company data in the catalog FAIR Guide. The Austrian company Construct Data Verlag AG presents the catalog as “the largest internet list of fairs and exhibitors” and as “a powerful medium for getting new customers, finding business partners or for market research.” We wish to inform exhibitors about the risks connected with offers like this one. The recipe of Construct Data Verlag AG is simple. It is likely that the firm gets contacts from trade fair catalogs that are freely accessible on web pages in electronic format. But once the company catches you in it’s nets, it changes its song. Usually it’s not until after getting an invoice for nearly EUR 1000 for the first year of service that the customer realizes that the form it has filled out is a contract, and moreover that it cannot be canceled and that it is for a three-year term. We wish to inform exhibitors that the activities of the company Construct Data Verlag AG have nothing to do with our business activity, although its application form could lead one to that false conclusion. Back in November 2005 we sent the company a written letter of protest against these deceptive practices, but that brought no result, of course. Please pay careful attention to the contents of the form and especially to the contractual conditions that are deliberately placed where they can be overlooked during casual reading, and carefully consider whether you really want the services being offered. For more information about the practices of this Austrian company and about how to protect yourself from them, see the following: http://www.infolink.cz/constructdata/sos.htm  http://www.ufi.org/pages/thetradefairsector/fairguide.asp  http://www.stopecg.org/construct_data_fairguide.htm  As was reported back in 2004 by the Committee of German Exhibitions and Fairs (AUMA), on the basis of a verdict rendered in a court of law, the company Construct Data has no legal claim against the customer, even if the customer signs the offer form. More information about the verdict is available at http://www.auma.de/content/meldung29_d.htm  
Jindrich Jirasek 9.3.2007


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