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PRAGA 2008

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Filatelistický blog o výstavnictví / Philatelic Blog about exhibiting


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Hi! I am Samanali Perera from Sri Lanka.  I would like to swap used stamps from any country (worldwide) and I can offer used stamp from Sri Lanka and Asia.  My postal address is: Samanali Perera, No. 119, Waduramullawatte Road, Waduramulla, Panadura. Sri Lanka,  Email address :

I can send new and older mint stamps, FDC and MAX. CARD from Serbia  and older issues (1955 – 1990) from next country’s: Hong Kong, Canada, USA, Japan, England, Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Faroe, Aland, Sweden, Alderney, Cyprus, Azores, Madeira, T.A.A.F., U.N., booklet issues  from more world country's. I have also on stock FDC and MAX. CARD  from  these country’s  and  nice MAX. CARD  from Liechtenstein and Austria.  Mint stamps from  ANTARCTIC  country’s  (A.A.T., B.A.T., ROSS, FALKLAND  and FALKLAND DEP., B.I.O.T.) and some British colony I have on stock also. I need  next  mint, thematic  issues: “NATIONAL PARK“, “STAMP EXHIBITION“, “WORLD HERITAGE“, “LANDSCAPES and TOURISM“, “JOINT ISSUES“, “NATURE PROTECT“ and “NATURE CONSERVANCY“  from far EAST (ASIA) and  EUROPA country’s, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA and N.Z. Also I need all nice thematic issues from CHINA and HONG KONG.

I am collector from Kazakhstan. I like mint Czechoslovakian stamps(1918-1992), blocks and small lists. I offer to you used and mint USSR stamps (1961-1992), mint Russian Federation 1992-2009, mint Kazakhstan stamps. My e-mail:  please write in English or Russian. If you not interested, please help me to find other collector in Czech republic ore Slovakia.
Ich bin ein Sammler aus Kasachstan ich biete an ungestemmpelte Briefmarken von Kasachstan und Russland, sowie andere GUS Laender. Ich suche Tschechoslowakei (1918 – 1992). Zusaezlich biete ich gestemplete sowjetische Briefmarken (1961 – 1991). Meine E-Mail ist Schreiben Sie bitte in Englisch oder Russisch.
I am interested in mint and used stamps from the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brasil, Canada, Chile, Cuba, Czechoslovakia (also Czech Republic and Slovakia) France, Italia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, USA for wantlist Yvert, Scott, or description of stamps. Especially up to 1980 year. Also one for one, in packets of 100-200 all diferent stamps of other countries with previous agreement. I offer Spain and worldwide. Answer always. Languages: English, French, Spanish, understand German, Italian, Portuguese. Jose Manuel. Email:
My ADS: I am looking for good used stamos W. Wide. I offer stamps from Argentina, South America and W. Wide. Thanks a lot. Pier Giorgio Simonelli, Box 669, RA - 1000 - Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA, e- mail: 
PROPOSE (sell) philatelic materials of the world with butterflies, moths and other insects (postal stationeries, special cancels, FDC). Vladimir Kachan, P.O.Box-36, BY-220089, Minsk-89, Republic of Belarus. I will be send on e-mail my big price-list with this theme. My e-mail:
WANTED: SPANISH TALADROS CANCELS on singles or covers, from about 1872 to 1880, especially on King Alfonso Issues 1875-1882. They might have been used a little later. Would also like Taladros cancels on the imperforate Crown issues of Oct 1, 1872 in blocks and panes, on the Numerical Impuestos issues of 1872-1873 and the Justice issue of 1874. All Inquiries please e-mail  Thank you for your interest. Larry
I am looking fo newest stamp catalogs on dvd or cd. email.:
Yugoslavia & Area: I am buying postally used covers, stationeries and other postal forms from Yugoslavia and Area (Croatia, SHS, Istria, Trieste zone B etc.) from period up to 1950. Collections and large lots are also interested. Contact mail:
My name is Avraham and I am an advanced Railway stamps from Israel. I am looking for exchange partner. I need new issues of my topic worldwide and all kind of Railway parcel post stamps and revenues with trains. I also need some recent fdc’s from C.I.S. countries. As I am an advanced collector, I have 1000’s of philatelic duplicates for exchange. Regards, Avraham
"MUSIC ON STAMPS" is my theam and had been collecting for over 30 years. I have many stamps, covers, FDCs etc. in duplicate of in spare. Would like to dispose off. Please give me your want list with Sg numbers or scans. Dealers please excuse only collector to contact on
I am collecting India / British India MINT / Used stamps. Presently looking for India Telegraph stamps and Receipts used during British era. Appreciate if any one can source me those and other India MINT/USED stamps. Please send scans to
I am offering used stamp packets, off paper, all pre 1975-1980, 100 all different in a plain cello, in perfect condition. I can assemble topical / thematic, or by country. I have USA, Canada, Australia, West Europe, Eastern Europe, Sudan, Egypt, Lebanon, and some others. I also have cancelled-to-order Trucial States sets, USSR, and others, 2 or 3 sets per issue... Please let me know which area is of interest to you and I will send you more details. George Baghdadi, Fairdeal Trading & Investment, Toronto, Member CSDA, Canada. E-mail:
Look for mint stamps Czech Republic after want list, mint Arab Gulf States, commercially used covers of the Trucial States (Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al Khaima etc.), Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine Authority, North Korea. Commercially used covers from North Korea as well. Also used stamps of Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Iran. Offer mint and used Germany, motives, Asia, Africa, European States. Pls. contact
Habe g estern diese Beschreibung erhalten betreffend einer Sammlung Elsass, die zum Verkauf steht. Ich nehme an, Belege des deutsch-französischen Krieges sind keine dabei. Was kostet diese Sammlung, und kann man die Belege im Internet sehen? Gerne höre ich von Ihnen und verbleibe mit besten Grüssen Martin Schmid
TROUBLE GETTING ITALIAN STAMPS...? In the north-east of Italy, near Venice, since 1977, supplier of postage stamps, covers, postcards, postal stationery, from Italian Area and some European countries. Other collectables available. Wants-list welcome. Possibility of exchange.
I am a olympic thematic collector from Sydney. I am looking for posted(used) FDC and stationery cards from HOST countries especially issues after 1964. I am very happy for dealers who can provide those items can contact me by email. Currently, I also need some help from canada (vancouver) collector who can help me with post canada 2010 winter olympic issues and update information like postmarks, labels, post meters and so on. I can pay or exchange my collection.
I offer constant supply by new stamps of Kazakhstan. Algis Grazys, Lithuania, Tel/Fax: + 370 310 55195,
Can exchange in basis phone cards 1=1 sets=sets 100x100 or nore FDC 1=1 value +/- the same or by catalogue michel (price Israel like mint+tab) Mint stamps +block w/w I need them except this lands(east europa cuba china india france brasil GB) basis in face value old by catalogue banknots= mint (unc) new in face value old by catalogue pick 2005 let me know if you need samthing special from israel !! All letters R mail 2 side. Asher Carmi, P.O.Box 5105, Ashdod 77150, ISRAEL
I will sell USED STAMPS on paper (called POSTOVNI SKART), mostly Czech Republic(CSSR) and FOREIGN – both types mixed all together approximately 20 -30bags. Who is interested, call +420 603 100 169 (Martin) or e-mail me to  Money from this will be used on project
I am a philatelist from Bulgaria and collect cards-maximum on the following topics: Italian paintings, churches, fresques, icons and antic and middle-age ships. I also collect stamps, FDCs and used envelopes on the topic of table tennis. I would be truly happy to have a corresondent from your country. This is why I would like to ask you to publish my address (both postal and e-mail) in your magazine. I answer to every letter. In exchange, I offer mint stamps, FDCs and used envelopes on different topics from Bulgaria and other countries. I use the occasion to felicitate you with Christmas and wish to you and to all philatelists in your country a lot of health and success. Ivan Panayotov, 52, Luben Karavelov St., 5000 – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria e-mail:
I'm a stamp collector from Poland interested in recent /2002-2008/ used worldwide stamps as well as British Colonies' pre-1960 items. In exchange I can offer Polish and worldwide stamps-mint and used.Any basis will be taken into consideration. My email address-  Krzysztof Marciniak (Hrabal's books fan).
I collect max-card, pre-stamps card as want cover from every stamp-issuing send addressed to me as put postoffice postmark + commemorate postmark. For more information, Stamps Wanted and Covers Wanted. I can trade 1:1, or by any reasonable agreement.
HOLOCAUST. For research and collecting i am looking for letters from Concentration Camps, Ghetto's, Prisons and Resistance. Also feldpost from Concentration Camps, Totenkopfdivision, Totenkopfstandarte, Bau Brigade I - V and Freiwillige SS. You an contact me at:  Kind regards, Cees (Netherlands)
I am looking for all different type Czech ATM postage labels, both of unused set, ATM FDC, also ATM maxicards. I will reply in Taiwan ATM issues, and maxicards. Please see my daily updated ATM collections, George WU, P. O. Box 4-155, Yungho, Taipei 23499, Taaiwan, Republic of China. My email:
Offer Nepalese Stamps, FDC's & Phonecards. Contact Me @: 
I am a collector from Slovakia and I would like to exchange used stamps. I can offer Slovak and worlwide stamps. I want worldwide stamps. My e-mail address:
I would like to change stamps, from Argentina, I am looking for Checoslovaquia, Rep. Checa and Slovaquia, I can send argentinian stamps or another south American countries, my e-mail address is
I am one belgian philatelist and I chearch used stamps of Czech Republic. In exchange, I can send used of Belgium, France, Great-Britain, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Nederland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Scandinavia and another countries of Europa or world. Can you say if some members of your club are interested ? E-mail:
Want recent mint topical issues (WWF, Fauna, Flora, Transport, Europa) from whole world countries. Offer mint or used topicals issues from Romania, Moldova and other countries from East Europe. Bassis "Michel" catalogue. Also, I'm interesting to exchange 500 to 2000 comemoratives used stamps only in registred letters. Bassis 1:1." My e-mail address it's:
I am Ronald Keith from Chile, I would like exchange used stamps worldwide, I can offer Chile old and recentes. My address is Ronald Keith Gaymer, Casilla 806, Valdivia 5110734, Chile. I hope hear soon of you.
I am a collector from the Netherlands and am looking for USED stamps of SPAIN. There are many better stamps missing before 1940. Hope that someone can help me. Also interested in newest spanish stamps USED. I have many stamps to exchange from many countries in the world. Hans Vester e-mail:
I need contacts for exchange stamps with serious stamp collectors from WW. I can offer mint (MNH) stamps, sets, miniatiure sheetlets and s/sheets from Europe, Asia and WW on topic FAUNA, FLORA, TRANSPOTR, SPACE, ART, SPORT, EUROPA CEPT and etc. What do you need? I want mint (MNH) stamps, sets, miniatiure sheetlets and s/sheets from Czechia, Czechoslovakia and Slovakia according by my wantlists.
For exchange bassis, I prefer use Michel stamp catalog or according by preliminary agreement. If you like serious stamp exchange, I waiting for your answer. E-mail:
I looking for mint stamps, uncirculated banknotes and lists/magazines for collectors from all over the world (included the new states of the former Soviet Union and the former Yugoslavia). Mr. LUCA OLIVA, VIA COAZZE 151, 10094 GIAVENO - TO, ITALY (I), EUROPE, E-mail: 
I can offer you the same from Italy or worldwide. I collect stamps ever since 1979 and I am a serious philatelist. I am interested in all themes. Mr. LUCA OLIVA, VIA COAZZE 151, 10094 GIAVENO - TO, ITALY (I), EUROPE, E-mail: 
I am looking for stamp exchange partner for exchange of Mint complete sets,Bulk exchanges also welcome. M. Tariq, Railway Road KhanPur-64100 Pakistan Email:
Exchange in stamps (mint/FDC/max cards/postally) ineed them w/w i exchange banknots (only mint unc by catalogue pick 2005 and new in face value i exchange phonecards w/w basis 1=1 i exchange disny coca cola key chin anther my add asher carmi pob 5105 ashdod 77150 israel (all letters whit mathrial R mail) by asher
I suppose to sell a very nice and compact post stamps collection. It includes Czech stamps of the „First Republic“ (1918-1939) and then till the ydar 1989. Please, I expect only serious offers. Dr. Irena Polinkova, 
I search good contact for exchange used and mint stamps from you country. I offer used and mint stamps of Poland and USRR.Used from stamps many country of EUROPA and the world. I search used EUROPA, FAUNA, FLORA, others topics as fish, birds, airplane. From mint i search complete sets EUROPA, DOGS, FISH, BIRDS, PAINTING.The best wishes Piotr my emial alternative is:
Exchange/Buy MNH stamps, souvenir sheets, sheetlets, small sheets, stamp-booklets from world-wide only on the theme Fauna. My E-mail:
URL:  or  If you have one of require telecard, you can replace them from my regular telecard list, You cand found me by phone: +97248333736 or by mail Thank you Danny.
GIVING FLORA/FAUNA, UPU, WWF ETC.; REQUIRES SAME TOPICS WORLDWIDE. J. Jayasendil, Salem Philatelic Club, 81,Bazaar Street, Salem 636001, Tamilnadu, India.
Betrift: Markenheftchen - sešitky ČR. Bitte teilen  Sie mir mit, ob ich bei Ihnen ČR Markenheftchen beziehen kann; ob ein Katalog bzw. Lieferliste existiert. Hans-Heninrich Krug, Torgauer Strasse 76, D - 04916 Herzber / Elster
Want recent mint topical issues (WWF, Fauna, Flora, Europa, transport) from whole world countries. Offer mint or used sets, M/Sh, FDC's, MC's, stationary topicals issues from Romania, Moldova, Hungary, ex-USSR countries. Basis exchange "Scott" or "Michel" catalogues. Corresp. English or French. Petrescu Marian Florin, P.O.Box 20, Of. Postal 10, 2000 Ploiesti, Romania. e-mail:
I'm a brazilian collector of stamps of ex-Checoslovaquia and i need one catalogue of stamps of the ex-Checoslováquia. In exchange i can to send a Catlogue of Brazilien Stamps or others things: stamps mint complete sets, FDC, blocks, banknotes. The catalogue of Checoslovaquia can to be used. It is possible to you or other collector of Praga? Silvio Spada,
To be on sale: Whole states of EUROPE, USA, CANADA and some states of SOUTH AMERICA. I would like to sale everything but not single stamps. Every states are appreciations by MICHEL catalog. Price wil be 50% of EURO. Contact adress:
Offer: used stamps from Brazil.
Need: only used stamps by wantlist on Michel cat. basis, from: Bund, Berlin, Bayern, AltDeutschland, Reich, Danzig, SAAR, Saarland, Thuringie, American-British-French-Soviet zones, DDR, Rheiland-Pfalz. I need too, others countries only by wantlist on yvert et tellier cat. Reference from: France, Portugal, Italy and GB. E-mail:
Sammler aus Ukraine sucht Tauschpartner  fuer  (**) Neuheitenmarken aus  CZ und SLO. Gebe im Tausch (**) ukrainischen Neuheiten .Auch  Stuecktausch  100/100 gestempelten Marken aus aller Welt. Igor Zhitansky. Postbox 3202,  21027 Vinnica UKRAINE.
Dear friend, I built a new wab site exchange buy sell collectible items.  please find hereunder the collectible items which you can find on my web site; banknots phonecards flags stamps Disney coca cola key chain .beverrage mixer.matches pins and anther valuable ithems contact;
I'm an italian collector. I collect for fun, not for profit. My topics are Chess, plus used France, Hungary, Slovenia e Usa. I offer 50 or 100 italian (or worldwide) for other stamps on 1:1 basis. Please, reply me from all the world. Massimo Crivelli, Via Pineta 67, 09048 Sinnai (Italy), email:
I have for exchange or sale mint complete year sets Poland 1944-2005 in exchange want mint stamps:  from G.B., MALTA, EUROPA CEPT, AUSTRIA, I have for sale or exchange collection stamps mint from the following countries AUSTRIA 1960-92, RUSSIA 1992-2006, TSECHOSLOVAKIA nice mint collection 1928-1991 (Michel Catalog Euro 8000. I want inly 1250 Euro can you buy this collection). I offer for sale or exchange a collection of EUROPA CEPT according to Michel catalog 12.000 Euro I can sell you for 50% catalog do, you want.I HAVE a lot of FDC FROM Austria period 1950-1988 tell me what are you looking for perhaps I could help you my address is Zbigniew Koziol, Zalotna 5, 59-220 Legnica, POLAND E-MAIL
I am looking for vintage postcards from Bulgaria - specificly the city of Plovdiv-Philippopoli, Philippople, Philippopel and Varna.
I need help for to complet my used stamps collection from Cezh Republic and Slovakia. I send you my want list. Only used stamps. I have a lot of used stamps from all the world for exchange. I hope your news. Jose Antonio Leston Piqueras  Checo   /   Slovakia
Would you kindly let me know if you cold supply recent CZ and SLO kiloware. I am looking for reliable and constant supplier. Kestas Snipas.
Friend philatelist: I live in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil and I am collector of stamps and the postal history of Czechoslovakia, Bohemian and Moravia, Slovakia (of the German occupation), it Republishes of Slovakia and it Republishes Czecs. I also collect stamps and philatelic material on bicycles and cycling. It would like to change stamps with you, I can send you stamps of Brazil and of another parts of the world and other things that you have also interest here of Brazil. I am responsible and very faithful in my correspondence and friendship with philatelists. Gelson Piber, Rua Padre Ildefonso penalba, 187, 20775-020, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil
I'm interested in exchange stamps with worldwide. Languages: English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Mr. LAIR OLIVEIRA, CAIXA POSTAL 6, CACHOEIRA PAULISTA/SP, 12630-970 BRASIL.
Looking for vintage postcards from ex- Yugoslavia.
I see your web page and really this is very interested, for me is very dificoult get information and exchange stamps with people from your country. Im from Mexico and Im interested in exchanges mint set stamps, I offer from Mexico, Cuba, and argentina, Also used stamps, please give my address: Pablo Lòpez Mora, Apdo Postal No 1-1617, Guadalajara, Jalisco, C.P. 44100 Mexico. Messanger:  and email: 
Suche für meine Sammlung echt gelaufene besser Reco Belege an Thema Schacholympiaden.
If you collect, exchange, buy, sell stamps, we want to know you. We will be offering 3 different mint never hinged issues of COSTA RICA (actual pictures shown), to those people who visit us at  Enter our website, click on CONTACT US, register your email and postmail address and receive by first class airmail within 10-14 days 3 different mint never hinged complete single stamps of Costa Rica issued in 2006. Let us know if you are a collector, dealer, beginner, pro. Let us know what you want to see in our web site and what you like or dislike about it. This offer is LIMITED to first 50 registrants. There is NO CHARGE and NO OBLIGATION TO BUY ANYTHING. You will receive the first of each month a message announcing the upload of the stamp listings on our website Please enjoy. As usual, your comments are appreciated. Leon Djerahian
Im Laufe von 30 Jahren hat sich bei mir ein ganzer Dachboden voll mit Briefmarken in Alben, Kisten usw. angesammelt. Diesen Bestand löse ich nun in einzelnen Positionen auf. Der Bestand ist von mir in ca. 20 Jahren nur sehr grob vorsortiert worden. Ich verkaufe die Marken so, wie ich sie erhalten habe, länderweise in Alben oder auch stückweise abgezählt. Eine Liste erhalten Sie kostenlos und unverbindlich unter
Want mint complete sets, souvenir sheets, stamp booklets, maximum cards, FDC`s etc. from world-wide only on the theme Fauna. Offer mint stamps, s/sheets etc. from Russia (1858-2006, include USSR, Tuva, Civil War), new states of ex-USSR (1990-2006), Nicaragua, Mongolia and other countries.My E-mail:
I would like to trade for definitives of your country for the same of USA. Also will trade my USA Commemoratives for the same of your country in packets of 50 to 300. 50 to 300 at a time. No more than 5 of each kind please. I may include some commemoratives if the ones you send are better definitives. Please include a note with what you want (commemoratives or definitives) with your envelope of stamps. Paul Patterson, 4012 Limestone Road, Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74006-7121, United States of America.
I would like to exchange stamps with you. My name is Alexander Zhavrid. I am collector stamps from Belarus. I live in Minsk. I am 50 years old. I can offer mint stamps from Belarus. I prefer to trade on base catalogue values. I have Scott 2000 and Michel 2003-2005.New stamps on face values I need mint stamps Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic, Slovakia. If you want to exchange stamps with me please send e-mail and I will send you some stamps, or you can send letter on my postal address: Alexander Zhavrid, P.O.Box 168, 220141, Minsk, BELARUS e-mail:
I am interested in exchange of letters and post-stamps, CDs and DVDs. I am interested in exchange of some USA /European /Japanese CDs and DVDs with funs of music (from blues, pop and celts to hard rock) and USA/European/Japanese movies (from romantic to drama and comedies, ot TV series), and speak about some new favourite films. I am interested in art, culture, nature, video and photo of Japan, and travel experience worldwide. Zemi. My e-mail:
Ich suche echt gelaufene Briefe und Karten, frankiert mit ein oder mehreren Marken der "Judaica"-Serie 1967, ins europäische Ausland gelaufen! Werner Hildebrand
I am specialised collector of GB machin 1970-2006: JP: 1876-92 kobans and forgeries: Nobels 1901-2006 and modern scandinavia 1995-2006 ... please visit trading page for more info... MC STRATHDEE, BOX 50, MARGAREE CENTER, NS CANADA B0E 1Z0 please bookmark the new URL ....
I am seeking stamps: 1/ "holub korunac", english crown pigeon, deutsch Kronentaube (Indonesia, Dutch New Guinea); 2/ quetzal (Guatemala, Honduras, Mexiko). 
I collector from Kazakhstan. I interested mint stamps of Czechia, Slovakia and Czechoslovakia. In return I can send mint stamps of Kazakhstan and Russia.
I'm looking for buy or exchange the stamps of UKRAINE 1918-1920 (trydent overprints on old Russian definitives). Please, contact:
I founded your web site searching for the item on the subject. Maybe you can help me. Do you know where the Bohemia and Moravia coins (1941-1945) were minted? Pablo Giacosa, Numismatic.
Dear friends exchange Greek used stamps 100/200/300 per time with stamps from your country. thank you. STAVROS MITZELOS, TRIPOLEOS 61, GR 10442 ATHENS, GREECE
I'm looking for Musical / Ballet related stamps w/w also Postally used and / or unused pre-stamped envelope, postcard, maxicards relate to BALLET w/w in exchange of Mint, used stamps of Hong Kong and Canada also some topical stamps. Please email me for detail. My email address Y.W.Leung from Canada
I am looking for stamps from Czech and Slovak Republic, I can offer used stamps from Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Ireland, France, Scandinavia, Luxembourg, ... But also from Channel islands I have some stamps for the moment. TONY LAGROU, BRUGGESTEENWEG 86, 8830 HOOGLEDE, BELGIUM,
I would like exchange stamps in package with 50 or 100 stamps in basic 1:1. Offer: used Croatia, Yugoslavia and WW stamps. Need: used stamps with animals, transporters and stamps from East Europe. My name is Bojan and I'm from Croatia. My e-mail: 
I need some USED stamps from ITALY issued in 2004 and 2005. In exchange I will send USED stamps from Malta in complete sets. Carmel Tonna,
I Offer: Stamps and blocks of South America, specially Brasil. I want: Stamps and blocks of: Finland, UK, Australia, Japan, Greenland, Foroyar and Aland. Note: I work with Yvert or Michel cataloges. Letters registrad. Ademar de Almeida Santos Filho, Caixa Postal Nº 1.304, Curitiba – Pr – Brasil, CEP 80.011-970, E-mail:
I am from the Canary Islands, willing to buy Kiloware Commemorative stamps from the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Ireland as well as World Wide. 
I am a philatelist of CHINA. I collect mint and all complete commemorative stamps sheets booklets and stamped postcards. Theme are: Olympic games music WWF animals train painting sports famous man movie map flag and other. Hope get your help! I can offer stamps and sheets of CHINA HK MACAO and TAI WAN (1992-2005). What have you want? Please you tell me, I will help you! I can send you "2008 OLYMPIC GAMES" all STAMPS SHEETS AND OTHER... E-mail: 
Dutch collectorsclub SWING TIME PHILATELY with the topicals GOLF and BASEBALL on stamps, sheets, covers and cancellations. Most issues on stock. 104 members from 10 different countries. Also you can inform for topicals such as Formula I, Wine/Grapes, Lighthouses, Firebrigrade, Tennis, Table Tennis and every other sport, Zeppelins, and so on. Send an e-mail to: or go to
Wanted to buy: anything "interesting" from the island of St. Vincent. This can be fakes & forgeries, postal history, postal stationery, postmarks. Please e-mail a scan along with your offer to:
I search stamps from all countries of West Europa; I offer the same and also East Europa and world. e-mail: 
I am from Peru. I want to exchange used stamps, I collect on animals, flowers, and Christmas. I offer used stamps WW, especially from Latin American countries. Exchanging basis 1x1, in packets of 100 or more. Write me to
Hi, I am Mike from Arizona. I am looking for old picture postcards, perferably village scenes, of Czechia and area. Any age up to about 1950's / 60's. Other topics of CZ / SK cards too. I will be at the show in Praha on 16-18 September Thanks,
Interests: MUSIC ITEMS: mint complete sets, M/Ss, S/Ss, Maximum Cards of Music, composers, singers, ballet dancers, and musical instruments, worldwide. Offers: Mint issues of Malta, Great Britain, and British Commonwealth countries and islands, Europe, and on various topics. Answer to all mails guaranteed. Thanks. Address: JOSEPH BUGEJA, 163, "Josdor" House, Bwieraq Street, B'Kara BKR 05, MALTA, e-mail:

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