16) Miscellaneous Marks in Roman Letters

Hong Kong Cancellations

Hong Kong markings have their own column in the JSCA catalogue.

16HK1: Foreign mail postcard FC8 from Canton through Hong Kong to Hamburg in Germany with 2 off 2 cents Hong Kong stamps added.
  • Canton Chinese marking: 29 JUN 98
  • Hong Kong A: JU 30 98
  • Hamburg arrival marking 2. 8. 98
Hong Kong
16HK2: Foreign mail postcard FC9 from Nagasaki via Hong Kong to Bremen in Germany 
  • Hong Kong A: AU 20 93 
  • Bremen arrival mark 
This card went by ship (PAQUEBOT) from Nagasaki to Hong Kong, where stamps or cards were cancelled. Hong Kong cancellations on stamps are rare, cancels on covers or postcards are almost unknown.
Hong Kong

Cancels of other Non-Japanese Post Offices

16Darwin: 10 Sen new Koban 
  • (D)ARWIN: JU 23 98 

16K.D.FELDPOST: This card was written by a member of the German Corps participating in the suppression of the Boxer Rebellion in China (1900-1901). The card was written on January 31, 1901 in Tientsin and left by German Military Mail to Goerlitz in Germany. Why did the sender purchase a Japanese Foreign Mail Postcard? No German stamp was required, since military mail was delivered free of charge.
  • Arrival marking Goerlitz: 30.3.1901
German Military Marking


Registration, Customs, Censor and similar markings:

These markings are listed in section XIX in the ISJP Monograph No. 7.

16R1:  Registered stamped envelope 2 Sen olive, type SE16 (84x132 mm), with 2 Sen UPU, 2 off 5 Rin plus a 25 Sen new Koban added to cover the 30 Sen postage due for registered letters, from Tokyo to Lisbonne, Portugal. The cover is shown because of the unframed red "R" registration mark. The registration number was added by hand: 344. 
  • Unframed R  in red 
  • Tokyo Medium Circle (4 figure year): 31 JAN 1891 
  • French Line LIGNE N PAQ.FR. No2: 1 FEVR 91 
  • Arrival mark: Lisboa 13 Mar. 91 (on back) 
Unframed R

16R2:  Registered Cover from Vladivostok in Russia to forwarder Boeddinghaus in Dejima, Nagasaki and via Yokohama, San Francisco and New York to Odessa in Russia. Stamp: 20 Sen old Koban.
  • Nagasaki Initial cancellation "N"
  • Nagasaki Registered Octogonal Handstamp in violet: AUG 29 1887
  • Registered Yokohama Small Single Circle with serifs: 8 SEP 1887
  • Framed R  from Yokohama (or Nagasaki?)
  • San Francisco and New York transit marks
  • Arrival stamp Odessa: 10 OKT 1887
Remarks:  The companies Boeddinghaus and Holme, Ringer & Co. were forwarding mail from Vladivostok, Siberia. The seal on this registered letter shows Russian letter markings, confirming the origin of the letter. What a round-the-world trip this letter had to take from Russia to Russia! But it probably was the fastest routing, faster than the one request by the sender: Russia via Port Said.
Framed R

Other postal markings:

16other1: 3 Sen Foreign Mail Postcard with a 1 Sen UPU Koban stamp added for the correct postage to Berlin, Germany. 

This card is shown for the 

  • Yokohama TOO LATE marking 
The arrival of the card was too late for meeting the ship indicated on the card. 

Remark: the TOO LATE marking from Nagasaki can be seen on 4/13/23.

Yokohama TOO LATE marking

16other2: Cover with 1 each of 1 Sen UPU and 4 Sen old Koban stamps from Tokyo to New York 
  • Tokyo TOO LATE in brown 
  • Tokio Small Single Circle in brown: 10 AUG 1889 
  • Yokohama Small Single Circle: 14 AUG 1889 
Remark: the Too Late stamp is attached, even though no ship has been specified. Surprising is, that the stamp is already applied in Tokyo and not in the port city of Yokohama. 

The 4 Sen old Koban with the small single circle cancellation on cover has an "u" mark in the JSCA catalogue - an hitherto unknown cover?


16other3:  Cover with 10 Sen new Koban from Yokohama to Copenhagen, Denmark 
  • Yokohama TOO LATE (different style than shown earlier) 
  • Yokohama Medium Circle with 4 figure year: 1 OCT 1891 
Yokohama TOO LATE

16other4: 1 Sen Postcard PC14 sent to Shanghai instead of Kyoto. 
  • Shanghai Medium Single Circle with 2 figure year: 6 Apr 98 (arrival) 
  • Shanghai Medium Single Circle with 2 figure year: 8 Apr 98 (return to Japan) 
  • MISSENT TO Shanghai 
  • Kyoto domestic Maruichi arrival marking 




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