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   Advisory service of Czech Numismatic Society

Since the very first year, the numismatic section of the trade fair has been held under the aegis of the Czech Numismatic Society, which also ensures an advisory and expert appraisal service for visitors. During the five years of the trade fair, more than 1200 visitors have turned to the expert valuators of the society for valuation of several tens of thousands of coins, medals, banknotes, orders and awards. These were mostly common examples, but for example there was a valuable 1677 Eggenberg three-kreuzer from the mint in Český Krumlov valued at several thousand crowns. Visitors have also brought in many forgeries in good faith. One of these was a falsified non-existent 1742 coronation ducat for Karl VII of Albrecht. No such coronation ducat was ever minted. Naturally the Czech Numismatic Society will also be at this year’s trade fair.

Competition philatelic exhibition

One part of this year’s fair will be a competition exhibition of single-frame exhibits. It will be judged by a jury from the Federation of Czech Philatelists. The exhibits generally have a range of 16 album pages, and so far, with the exception of the youth class, it is possible to create them for all existing competition classes of FIP. Members of the Union of Czech Philatelists can gain qualification for participation at international exhibitions abroad through participation in the exhibition. Applications can be sent to the address of the secretariat of the Union of Czech Philatelists, 
CZ-225 07 Prague 5, Holečkova St. 10.

Telephone card at fair

The Russian telecommunication company Altayskie Taxofoni in Barnaul has issued a public telephone card for this year’s collector which has been on sale since mid May. The card was issued in a total run of 1000. 100 cards have 20 units, 500 have 90 units and 400 cards have 120 units. So Czech collectors once again have something to acquire.

UN Day on Sunday

One of the most loyal exhibitors is the United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) from Vienna. It regularly issues postcards and cachettes for each fair. It has become a tradition that a UN Day is announced at the trade fair during which a special UN cancellation is available for collectors at the Czech Post stand. This year UN Day at the fair will be Sunday 14th September.

German Post Office once again at the trade fair

For the third year the German Post will be participating at Collector. For this year’s fair the post office is preparing a special offer of new German stamps and also a special envelope for Collector. The Federal Republic of Germany will thus become the thirtieth country to be represented at this year’s fair by the postal administration.

Premiere for the Czech Mint

For the first time this year the Czech Mint, which was created in 1993 after the break-up of the Czechoslovak federation, will make a presentation. Within six months a modern mint was built as an exclusive supplier of coins for the needs of the Czech National Bank. The mint also mints silver and gold commemorative coins and mintings to order. The Czech mint has thus found a place amongst the other significant mints which have been participating in Collector for several years now.

Once again minerals from Zambia

Mrs Namakau Kaingu and her firm Chukwuemeka from Zambia are planning to make the fifth trip to Prague. Visitors to the fair regularly admire both the minerals and rare stones (primarily malachite) on her stand from this country and the handmade products. Mrs Kaingu owns two small mines for amethysts and aquamarines. She is the Chairwoman of the Association of Zambian Women in Mining and an advisor to the general secretary of the UN.

Barrell and Barefoot in Prague again

Two important philatelic dealers from England – John Barefoot and William Barrell are returning to Collector. They tried out the fair in 1999, and they liked it a lot. They then gave precedence to the London Stampex fair but are returning to Prague once more this year. Stampex begins three days after Collector, and so they will be able to enjoy both events comfortably.

Wim van der Bilj: He always comes to Prague!

One of the largest stamp traders in the Netherlands, the firm Postzegels Wim van der Bijl from Utrecht, will be coming to the fair Collector for the third time in a row. Despite the fact that he will be hurrying off to Stampex in London immediately after the fair ends, he will not miss Collector. He knows that he has no difficulties in crossing the border into the Czech Republic with a massive number of containers full of philatelic material, and moreover he will find a very friendly atmosphere at the fair in Prague.

New mints at the fair

Amongst the traditional exhibitors in the field of numismatics are certain mints such as, for example, the Royal Canadian Mint, which has regularly participated in Collector since its first year. During the first two years the employees of the Mint flew to Prague directly from Ottawa, but since then the mint has been represented every year by the Austrian firm Schoeller Münzhandel. The Austrians always increase the number of mints which they represent in Prague. For the first time this year there will be presentations from the Royal Australian Mint and Staatliche Münze from the Federal Republic of Germany. The regular exhibitors such as the British Royal Mint, Mint of Finland, Monnaie de Paris, Münze Österreich, Royal Dutch Mint, South African Mint and The Perth Mint will also offer coins.

Collector: the closing date for exhibitors is 31st May!

Despite the fact that the trade fair Collector is held in September, the organisers have had to designate the closing date for the end of May. This is for one simple reason: this year exhibitors have displayed a great interest in the event and the exhibition hall is not inflatable. So first come, first served and in this case the first to come will have the chance of a relatively advantageous location. Naturally the organisers want to reserve more or less the same position as last year for large exhibitors who regularly participate in the trade fair and have not yet sent in a completed application.





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