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on this years Int´l Fair Collector Prague – II.



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  Premiere for Post Offices of the Baltic Republics and Ukraine

Foreign postal administrations have quite literally taken this year’s fair by storm. For the first time the postal administrations of the Baltic Republics – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – will participate in the trade fair on a large joint stand. The Ukrainian Post Office will also be at Collector for the first time, and it has given advanced notice of a special cancellation stamp for Prague. The post offices named will offer not only postage stamps at the fair, but also other philatelic material. Their participation is an ideal opportunity for collectors to start collecting modern postage stamps from these interesting countries.

By the end of May thirty-four postal administrations had been registered for the trade fair, either at independent stands or through agencies.

Mint Kremnica at the Fair Once Again

After last year’s premiere, Mint Kremnica from Slovakia is returning to Prague. The mint is an enterprise which has been minting coins continuously for 675 years. The first coins were golden florins, and at the end of the 14th century it minted so-called Kremnica golden ducats. Today it makes coins for regular circulation and commemorative coins for the Slovak National Bank and also for other countries such as Slovenia, the Ukraine, India, Bangladesh or Mauritania.

Swiss Post Office as Observer

News that the fair Collector in Prague has for some time been an event of more than merely local importance has naturally reached Switzerland. And so Mrs Maja Stähli, head of the foreign sales department of customer services, postage stamps and philately of the Swiss Post Office, is coming to this year’s event as an observer. We hope that Mrs Stähli’s evaluation of the fair will result in us welcoming the Swiss Post Office in the years to come as a permanent exhibitor.

Large Participation by Czech Philatelic Dealers

Naturally, Czech dealers in the field of philately could not pass up participation at the trade fair. Practically all the large firms will exhibit at the fair. Just as a random sample of Prague philatelic shops we might name Alkado, Filatelie Braník, Filatelie Hobby, Filatelie FOS, Filatelie Řipská, Slovfila, Filatelie Pěnkava, Artphila, Troja Super and Qarta. Amongst the firms from outside Prague, Filatelie Burda, FIPA, Filatelie Panský, Firma Matura, Filatelie Pytlíček, Filatelie Klim and many others will be making presentations at Collector.

Another Mint from South Africa

This year the Universal Mint from Cape Town will be participating at the fair for the first time. This mint is primarily known for its original ideas in the minting of coins in terms of shape, size or weight. In any event, it will certainly liven up the trade fair and draw the attention of numismatists. Another mint from South Africa, the state South African Mint will also exhibit at Collector as part of the large stand of the Austrian firm Schoeller Münzhandel.

Finland Post at Collector

The Philatelic Centre of Finland Post Corporation will be present in Prague at Collector this year. It is not the first time for Finland Post to attend a stamp exhibition in the Czech capital, since in 1988 Finland Post participated in a world stamp exhibition in Prague. At the stand of Finland Post the visitors can take a look and buy the new stamps from Finland and a variety of other philatelic items. Finland was one of the 12 countries to introduce the euro in 2002. This meant of course that the new stamps were denominated in euros instead of Finnish marks. In a way, a new era of Finnish postage stamps began. You can still obtain the stamps of the first euro year in the year pack of 2002 stamps.  An interesting item is a miniature sheet showing Finnish lighthouses, due just before the Prague fair. A show card for the Prague show will be available, postmarked with a show cancel. For more information about Finnish stamps, please visit www.posti.fi/stamps

Collector for Children

What would philately or numismatics be in the future if small children were not brought up with an affection for collecting? These days they can find many “more modern” hobbies, but collecting is timeless. Moreover, as Goethe was reputed to have said: Collectors are happy people. When children grow into adults, maybe they forget their first steps as a collector, but the seeds will have been sown… . And when they free themselves in adulthood of family cares, their children and possibly the essentials of making a living, the harvest will come: they will remember their stamps or coins and spend their free time on them.

This year at Collector young visitors will have their area where they can show their skills at drawing. As a reward they will be allowed to choose from a pile of stamps and take them home in an album given to them by the Czech Post Office.

Special Cancellations and Postcards

Every year special-occasion occassional stamps are available at the Czech Post Office stand. This year will be no exception. For the duration of the fair the Post Office will offer imprints of a special stamp “Collector – Annual Meeting of Collectors East – West”, and on 14th September it will offer imprints of a special-occasion rubber stamp for the United Nations day at the fair. In the information section and at the Czech Post Office postal cards will be on sale which have been issued in a print run of 2500. Collectors can also use the special-occasion R-stamp for recorded delivery consignments.

Treat for Telephone Card Collectors

For collectors of telephone cards, the fair Collector is one of the few opportunities in the Czech Republic to buy or swap collecting material. This year will be truly bountiful for them. In addition to Czech dealers and collectors, exhibitors have registered at the trade fair from Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Greece, Russia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Belarus and Slovenia. The organisers are negotiating on the participation of exhibitors from Mexico (again), Spain, Andorra, France, Israel and other countries.

Mineralogical Stimulation for the Fair

The participation of dealers and collectors in the field of minerals and precious stones is one of the stimulations of the fair each year. In addition to the firm Chukwuemeka from Zambia, this year other firms will also offer collecting material at Collector. For example Mineral & Gem Collection will present ground natural precious stones and collecting rarities. The firm Gemeo will sell Australian opals in the form of polished and ground stones and jewellery. Mineral Metal returns to the fair with an extensive offer of different minerals, gems and precious stones, including  therapeutic ones. Moldavite, Czech garnets etc. will also be displayed on the stands of other exhibitors.




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