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Newest Information of the Fair Collector Prague (28.4.03)



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Personalised stamps at the Czech Post Office stand

At the trade fair Collector the Czech Post Office will sell postage stamps to the general public which also have a side print, i.e., any photograph, text or drawing (so-called personalised stamps). The new issue of pay postage stamps with the name Rose over Prague (CZK 6.40) with a coupon for the side print was first issued at the exhibition Ostropa at the end of April. The issue is printed on a print sheet containing 9 stamps and 9 unprinted coupons. One printed sheet may contain only one side print theme. A customer pays approximately CZK 150 for a printed sheet (approximately EURO 5).

Peter Rapp AG at the trade fair

For the first time the Swiss auction house of Peter Rapp AG along with its partner firm   Jean Paul Bach AG will participate in the trade fair with its own stand. Peter Rapp AG is one of the most significant and, in terms of turnover, one of the largest philatelic auction houses. The firm was founded in 1970, and since that time has auctioned stamps with a value exceeding 300 million Swiss franks. The first auction was held a year after the foundation in a Zurich railway buffet, and after five years at an auction in the hotel International in Zurich it had attained a turnover of CHF 10 million. In the year 1980 Peter Rapp AG got into the Guinness Book of Records with the largest ever auction of stamps in the world, when 11,000 lottery tickets were auctioned for a total of CHF 33.3 million over a period of eight days. Since 1985 it has held auctions in its own building in Wil.

Chinese Post Office with themed stamps

The philatelic organisation of the post office of the People’s Republic of China, China National Philatelic Corporation, is returning to Collector after two years. In 2001 it had great success in particular with themed stamps. And this year will be no exception.

Portugal in the Czech Republic for the first time

At this year’s trade fair the Portuguese Post Office, CTT Correios de Portugal, will present itself for the first time in the Czech Republic. In a separate exposition it will offer interesting philatelic material which is not normally available. As we were informed by Mrs Graciete Concalves, who is entrusted with our trade fair, this year Portugal is marking 150 years from the issue of the first postage stamp, and celebrations will last for four months from July to October. In the second half of September the exhibition Lubrapex will be held in Lisbon. Moreover, the Portuguese Post Office is already preparing for the European Football Championships, which will be held in Portugal in the year 2004.

New postcards

The organiser of the trade fair has issued a print run of 1500 postcards for this year’s collector. On the front there is a collage of the view of the Industrial Palace of the Exhibition Grounds (where the trade fair is held) from the end of the nineteenth century and a photograph from last year’s Collector.

Debut for Argentine Post Office

The Argentine Post Office will be making its debut at the trade fair this year. In an independent exposition it will offer postage stamps and books of stamps from recent years. Argentinean stamps are very popular throughout the world, because their themes cover many areas, including the Antarctic. Every year the Argentine Post office issues approximately 50 stamps, usually in relatively low print runs. The first real Argentinean stamp was issued on 28th April 1858, i.e., 145 years ago. Before this in Argentina the stamps of foreign post offices operating in the country were used.

Briefmarken Spiegel at the trade fair

One of the largest magazines in German-speaking countries for philatelists, the monthly Briefmarkenspiegel from the publisher PZM Philapress Zeitschriften und Medien GmbH & Co.KG in Göttingen will have an independent stand at Collector this year. The magazine, founded in 1961, is issued in a print run of over 42,000. Philapress also publishes the magazine Briefmarken Post. The magazine Briefmarken Spiegel wanted to present itself at the trade fair last year, but the pallet sent with copies of the magazine was swept away by the flood at the Prague Fairgrounds.

Preparations for the trade fair gather speed

Despite the fact that Collector is five months away, the organisers have already recorded applications from 22 countries. The following are just some who have applied by post, fax or e-mail: Schaubek Verlag from Germany, John Barefoot from England, Oleg Brovko from Latvia, the Postal Administration of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech exhibitors Filatelie Braník, Filatelie Řipská, Alkado, Elektris Holna, Ladislav Ovsík, Bohdan Sekowski, dr.I.Rubík and many others.

Postal administrations from 29 countries have applied so far

As of 17th April, the following postal administrations had applied: Alland Islands *, Angola, Argentina*, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina*, Czech Republic*, People’s Republic of China*, Denmark*, Faeroe Islands*, Fiji, Finland*, Gibraltar, Greenland*, Guernsey, Guinea-Bissau, Ireland, Island*, Isle of Man, People’s Republic of Korea*, Norfolk, Norway*, New Zealand, the United Nations Organisation*, Papua New Guinea, Pitcairn, Portugal*, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu (*= direct participation, others via agency)

Extensive range of telephone cards

Every year the trade fair is attended by Robert Chaloupka from Prague, who is evidently one of the largest dealers in telephone cards in the Czech Republic and also one of the biggest exhibitors in this field at Collector. He regularly participates at the largest exchanges for telephone cards abroad, and he holds his own swap meets every other month in Prague. This year he is preparing new items from Japan and European and non-European countries for Collector. He will also offer collectors Czech public, private and gift cards.

The date for Collector 2004 is already known

The organisers already announce in advance the date for the holding of the next annual trade fair, the seventh so far. Collector will be held at the Exhibition Ground in Prague on the dates 24.-26.9.2004.







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