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Exponate from czech exhibitor and auctioner Mr. Milan Cernik
Milan Cernik (other information) October 1, 2003
The long-awaited LAPE 2004 stamp catalogue – an indispensable tool for all collectors of Finnish stamps – will be issued at the beginning of September. The new catalogue is the largest stamp catalogue ever published in Finland.
(other information) September 4, 2003
BOEKENLAND 33 (philatelic literature) with news from collection of A. Boerm and L. Janssen. SHERATON & PEEL 28. This auctions organisiert Mr. René Hillesum from Roosendaal, Niederlande.
Bretislav Janík August 26, 2003
I annonce to you with pleasure, that a new catalogue of 19th Auction of Postal Stationery & Postal history is ready. It contains 3000 lots first of all from Czechoslovakia, Protectorate Bohemia & Moravia, Slovakia, further Austria and Germany and some items also from other countries. You can visit this auction at the website address: August 21, 2003
(other information - *.pdf file 2,4 MB) August 20, 2003
International Philatelic Federation (FIP) has announced that the 2003 FIP Philatelic Web Site Evaluations have been canceled. The need for this action became apparent following examination of the time needed to meet the needs of these evaluations and also the requirements of the other duties of the primary participants in these evaluations.
Bretislav Janik (other information) August 11, 2003
Bretislav Janik (other information) August 2, 2003
Exhibitors for Int´l Fair Collector by July 30, 2003:
Jindrich Jirasek (other informations) July 30, 2003
Latest News on This Years´s Int´l Fair Collector Prague - III
Jindrich Jirasek (other informations) July 09, 2003
Auction Results Online and after Auction Sale
Auction news from
Franz Fedra (other information) June 27, 2003
Washington 2006 is pleased to announce that Update 3
... is now available for viewing on the exhibition's web site
Thomas M. Fortunato (other information) June 21, 2003
Charles E. Cwiakala  (other informations) June 15, 2003
Latest News on this years Int´l Fair Collector Prague – II.
Jindrich Jirasek (other informations) June 11, 2003
Lubor Kunc (other informations) May 25, 2003
Latest news on this year´s int´l fair Collector in Prague
Jindrich Jirasek (other informations) May 24, 2003
JAPHILA e-zine 1999-2003
Dear readers of Japhila, Time runs fast - particularly if you are having fun.  Incredibly, four years have  passed on June 17th since Japhila first came into being.
Henry Hahn, Fairfa, USA (other informations) May 17, 2003
Reference the REGENCY STAMPS LTD. (St. Louis) 31st May 2003
Public Auction No. 36, the following lots may be of interest: Nos. 1225-1249 (CZECHOSLOVAKIA: with Proofs and Essays).
Henry Hahn, Fairfax, USA
- "Kde domov můj? 1934" - Part II
Peter Hoffmann, Sweden
Franz Fedra
Jindrich Jirasek
Czech Philately Publication in English - website of Mr. Wilson KNIHTISK
Eastern Sileasias 
Lubor Kunc
Bohemian and Moravian Society for Postal History 
Lubor Kunc

First US - Czech joint-stamp issue ?
In 2004 we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of death of famous Czech composer Antonin Dvorak. We will agree for sure, that this anniversary requests a issue of commemorative stamp.
(The above stamp is part of US set of stamps issued in 1943 to celebrate occupied Nations during WWII (Scott no. 910).
Queen Meets Young Stamp Ambassador
"It was a chance of a lifetime which hopefully will be repeated at Washington 2006."  So said Patty Ollies minutes after meeting the Queen of England and Prince Philip as they examined her daughter Kristen's
award winning stamp exhibit, "Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II" in Toronto on October 9. (next information)
Washington 2006 Re-launches Membership Campaign
Washington 2006, America's next FIP international accredited philatelic exhibition being held May 27-June 3, 2006, has announced a re-invigorated effort to raise funding through membership contributions. (next information)
Miroslav Langhammer, Prague
JAPHILA - Stamp Booklet for Prington
21st August 1991 - Japhila edit private first Stamp Booklet with stamps Czechoslovakia 50 hal Vaclav Havel as philatelic gift: A GIFT FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THROUGH THE UNITED STATES CNGRESS. Gift - completely PC Network for FEDERAL PARLIAMENT CSFR - give in Prague Ambassador of the USA in Prague - H. E. Mrs. Shirley Temple Black. See pictures - Nr. 1   /  Nr. 2
Bretislav Janik, Prague

Queen Meets Young Stamp Ambassador
"It was a chance of a lifetime which hopefully will be repeated at Washington 2006."  So said Patty Ollies minutes after meeting the Queen of England and Prince Philip as they examined her daughter Kristen's
award winning stamp exhibit, "Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II" in Toronto on October 9.
Kristen and her younger brother Michael collected stamps and became interested in exhibiting while they lived in Pennsylvania a few years ago. Under the guidance of Cheryl Edgcomb, Postmaster of Knoxville, PA, they eventually exhibited at ROPEX and other U.S. national level exhibitions.  The family moved to Milverton, Ontario, Canada in 2001, where they continued their philatelic pursuits.
This past March fourteen year old 8th grader Kristen learned of Queen Elizabeth's upcoming royal jubilee visit to Canada and had an idea. One of her exhibits was about the life and times of the Queen and she thought it would be nice to invite Her Majesty to see it.  In fact, Kristen's own middle name was Elizabeth at the suggestion of her father Clive, a native Brit, in honor of the reigning monarch.  Off went a letter to the Governor-General, Adrienne Clarkson.  Little did Kristen or her family realize what was going to happen next.
A formal invitation to participate in the Queen's visit came by mail in June, sent through the Canadian Office of Protocol and International Relations.  The stamp exhibit would be displayed at the one day "Festival of Ontario," an organized indoor street fair featuring groups and organizations from throughout the province.  It would be seen by 6,000 invited dignitaries and of course, the royal couple. 
At that time the Ollies invited Cheryl and her husband Brian to join them for the event as booth assistants.  All fair exhibitors had to be cleared through security checks run by both Scotland Yard and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police months in advance and were advised to keep their activities secret until October.
It wasn't until a preliminary meeting October 1 between Kristen's parents and the Office of Protocol that the  true extent of their participation was made known.  The stamp exhibit was described by officials as the highlight of the fair for the Queen, and her story about stamp collecting was going to be featured to the local and national press in attendance.  In fact, Kristen's was the only one of 90 booths to feature an individual.
Under tight security, booth holders were allowed to set up their displays the day before the fair on October 8th.  The Edgcombs brought three 16 page double-sided display frames from their home and met the Ollies at the National Trade Centre in Toronto's Exhibition Place. 
Within the front facing three frames went Kristen's Queen exhibit, with the reverse side filled with Michael's "Out of this World- Exploring Our Solar System" exhibit and a panorama of photos of the family at various philatelic shows and events.  Also included was an assortment of awards both youngsters had won along the way.  Gold ribbon was used to wrap the frame legs, and flags placed at either end of the frames finished off
the display.
The Queen and Prince Philip's plane landed as schedule at Toronto's Pearson International Airport at 3 PM the following day, October 9, and were greeted by several dignitaries, including Ontario's Premier, Ernie Eves. The royals were whisked off to the Royal York Hotel to prepare for the evening.
The Premier headed for the Festival site, which opened at 4 PM. He arrived shortly thereafter and took a sneak peak at the displays. Actually, he was the warm-up "stand-in" for the Queen, as he took the same route through the exhibit hall while escorting the royal couple two hours later.
Premier Eves took special notice of Kristen's exhibit during his primer walk-about and surprisingly spent 15 minutes with her and the family looking it over.  He was also one of many dignitaries and guests who signed a guest book Kristen put out for booth visitors on the small handout table near the display. 
Her Majesty and Prince Philip arrived right on time at 6 PM and were welcomed by a 15 minute ceremony honoring their presence. The Ollies and Edgcombs saw everything on the jumbo TV screen in front of them as
it was happening live in the aisle directly behind them. 
As the welcoming ceremony was finishing, security guards came down their aisle preparing for the Queen's momentary arrival, keeping everyone behind the red carpet and yellow taped area. No one was allowed beyond the yellow line without the Queen asking them to do so. Others hurriedly put small Canadian and royal flags in the hands of booth holders.
The Queen saw the frames and headed first towards the family.  The Premier took the time to introduce Kristen to the Queen personally.  She curtseyed as the Queen extended her hand.  The Queen asked, "And why are
you here?" and Kristen began telling the story of her exhibit. "Stamps!" the Queen exclaimed in a delighted tone.  Because of the position of the Queen and the many people who packed in behind her, Kristen was only able to point out a few items in the last frame of her exhibit. 
After spending about two minutes with everyone, the Queen was off down the aisle, but not before receiving a gift from Kristen, a hand-made angel.  The Queen smiled and  thanked her.  Kristen hoped the Queen would reciprocate the visit by attending Washington 2006, where parts of the Royal Philatelic Collection are planned to be displayed in the Court of Honor.  Kristen also plans on exhibiting there.
Both Kristen and Patty Ollies will be working with Cheryl Edgcomb and Youth Committee Chairwoman Nancy Clark on youth projects for Washington 2006.
Washington 2006 takes place May 27-June 3, 2006 at the Washington, DC Convention Center.  It is the next U.S. international exhibition with FIP patronage.  For more information, see the show's web site at
Publications wishing to speak with the Ollies or wanting photographs of the Queen's visit with them may phone 519-595-2664, or email
Thomas M. Fortunato, 42 Maynard St, Rochester, NY 14615-2022 USA, Washington 2006 Media Communications Chairman. Visit our Page:


By Henry Hahn

Europe’s most recent FEPA show, AMPHILEX 2002 took place in Amsterdam from August 30th to September 3rd. But don’t fret if you missed it – American  exhibitors were generally not accepted – except for one (this reporter) who claims both American and Czech citizenship and one other, who exhibited Netherlands postal history in the Court of Honor. He supposedly belongs to a “Dutch Club”.
The opening of the show featured HRH Princess Margriet, FEPA President Pedro Vaz Pereira and Mr. Ph. Dobbenberg, member of the Royal (Dutch) Post Office. The show took place in an excellent facility, comfortably housing some 3,000 – 12 page exhibit frames, a large bourse, and probably the most stupendous thematic display hall ever assembled.  Shown in Fig. 1 is the outside of the AMPHILEX facility with prominent stamp flags which graced the front and side and Fig. 2 which featured a huge pirate ship to inspire topical collectors.  Note the size in relation to the man standing in front. There was ample seating space and snacking facilities throughout the show.
Relatively moderate participation took place by Czech exhibitors accompanied by Commissioner Miroslav Langhammer, and Slovak exhibitors accompanied by Dr. Jozef Tekel. There was only one Czech judge among the 28 jurors, Mr. Vit Vanicek,  who was a member of the Postal History judging team, and no Czech or Slovak on the Traditional judging team. Ing. Pavel Pittermann served on the Expert Team, but had no vote.
The classes included in the show were Traditional, Thematic, Postal History, One-Frame (experimental) and Youth. Judging was by conventional FIP point count, except for One-Frame exhibits, where the top award was “Diamond”, the next best was “Ruby”, followedby “Emerald” and “Diploma”. The awards appeared mostly consistent and fair, though in the words of SCP member Hans van Dooremallen, some of us were “satisfied” but not necessarily “happy”.  That includes this reporter.  Summarized below are the results of members of the SCP as well as the Czech and Slovak national philatelic federations:
Class   Name   Country   Title   Points    Award
Tradit.  H. Hahn      CR     CSR – The First Republic (1918-1938), 88, LargeVermeil
Tradit.   L. Liska      CR     Rakousko-Osterreich 1850-1867, 74,  Silver
Tradit.   O. Foldes    SR     Slovakia 1939-1945, 77, Large Silver
Themat. V. Jancovic SR     The World of Pedals, 83, Vermeil
Themat.  J. Horak      CR     The Motorcar, 90,  Gold
Post.Hist M. Cervinka CR    Post. Hist. of Decin Region (N. Boh & Sud.), 77, Large Silver
Post.Hist  H. van  Dooremallen   Neth.  Postal History  of Brno up to 1875, 88, Large Vermeil
One Frame V. Munzberger     CR    Oldest Perfins on Austrian Stamps, 29, Ruby
One Frame  L. Brendl CR    When Postcode Appeared, 23, Emerald
One Frame  P. Hauzner CR    Rush News Service of the German Post, 29,  Ruby
One Frame  M. Langhammer   CR   Automation of Reg.Mail in the CSR and CR, 32, Ruby
One Frame  A. Smid    CR   Private Dispatch Stat. of Prague Pneu. Mail, 28, Ruby
Youth        Z. Bacova SR   Jesus Christ and Christianity, 65,  Silv.-Bron.
The Czech Philatelic Afternoon and Evening, superbly organized and carried out by Jan Verleg, Chairman of the Czech Phil. Society of the Netherlands with the assistance of Hans van Dooremallen, Secretary, took place on Sunday, September 1st. The lecture presentations included “Pre-stamp Mail in Territories of Future CSR” (by this reporter), “Postal History of the Carpatho-Ukraine” by Jan Verleg and “Post-WWII Postal Markings in Czechoslovakia” by Mr. H. Liebermann, newly elected President of the German Bundesarge for Czechoslovakia.  Mr. Verleg substituted for Ing. Pavel Pittermann, originally scheduled but unable due to a time conflict to lecture on “Novel Expertizing Techniques”. The lectures were followed by an outstandingly delicious dinner, attended by such luminaries as Hans Klein, Otto Hornung, Yvonne Wheatley,
Leo Wijnkamp – just to mention a few of the approximatelly 45 attendees.
Except for lack of Americans, AMPHILEX was a memorable show in which exhibits and organization were exemplary.
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Washington 2006 Adds Board Member
Arthur Morowitz has been named as an ex-officio member of the Washington 2006 Board of Directors. His appointment adds an active dealer's perspective to the 14 member panel. Morowitz is a former president of the American Stamp Dealers Association. He began collecting stamps at the age of 5, becoming a full-time stamp dealer in 1971, and joining the ASDA in 1975. For the past ten years he has operated Champion Stamp Company, Inc., from his store on W 54th Street in New York City.
Active in many aspects of philately, Morowitz was instrumental in fostering the relationship with the U.S. Postal Service, ASDA and American Philatelic Society which resulted in the Mega Event concept and its implementation.
Currently Morowitz serves on the National Postal Museum's Advisory Council and is an active member of the Collectors Club of New York. He belongs to the APS as a life member, the American Numismatic Association, and several other organizations.
Washington 2006 takes place May 27-June 3, 2006 at the Washington, DC Convention Center.  It is the next U.S. international exhibition with FIP patronage. For more information, see the show's web site at
Thomas M. Fortunato, 42 Maynard St, Rochester, NY 14615-2022 USA, Washington 2006 Media Communications Chairman  
Stamp Fair 2002
The annual Stamp Fair will be arranged Friday-Sunday 1-3 November at the Helsinki Fair Centre (Hall 4).
This year 200 years have gone since the first circus troupe performed in Finland, and circus is the main theme of the entertainment programme at this three-day exhibition and sales event. Turku Arts Academy (Turun Taideakatemia) will stage the circus-related programme. 
This year's Christmas stamps will be issued on the first day of the Fair; the artist, Nina Rintala, will sign FDCs and cards. First Day cancellation will be provided at the Fair Centre; furthermore a special cancellation has been designed for each day of the fair: The subjects for 1, 2 and 3 November are a horse, a horn, and a church, respectively.
Besides Finland Post, seven postal administrations, nine dealers and five other exhibitors are represented at separate stands.
The opening hours are: Friday 1 November 11.00-19.00, Saturday and Sunday 10.00-17.00. Entrance to the Stamp Fair is free.
Jarmo Nousiainen  
Greetings from Poland!
Last week - 11 to 14 August 2002 - the Polish city of Opole hosted a European meeting of young philatelists. About 30 collectors from six countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Poland and Russia) participated in this event. In addition to the seminar presentations by each national delegation, we were acquainted with the past and the present of Opole, met the Mayor as well as the Rector of the Technical University and visited two other cities: Wroclaw and Brzeg. In Wroclaw we visited the Postal Museum and met the President of the Polish Philatelist Union, Mr Ludwik K Malendowicz. We enjoyed Polish hospitality very much.
On 2 August the Polish Post issued a stationery card for this event. On the card you can see Mr Jan Witkowski who has done a great deal to promote youth philately in Poland. Mr Witkowski died in 1996.
On 14 August an Opole-related stamps was also issued. The Cathedral of the Saint Cross in Opole is featured in a set of three stamps. See - New issues of Polish stamps
In Finland we shall write a report about the meeting for our "Filatelisti" magazine. The report will of course be illustrated with photographs.
In 2003 similar meetings are planned to be held in Svitavy (Czech Republic, in June) and Graz (Austria, in September). As these meeting seem to become more and more popular, we considered it is time to start co-ordinating these activities. For this purpose, a memorandum was drafted during the Opole meeting and will be presented at AMPHILEX at the end of the month.
Jarmo Nousiainen, on behalf of theYouth Philatelic Federation of Finland
Washington 2006 Re-launches Membership Campaign
Washington 2006, America's next FIP international accredited philatelic exhibition being held May 27-June 3, 2006, has announced a re-invigorated effort to raise funding through membership contributions. 
The fund drive was originally announced at the APS StampShow in 2001. Promotional efforts advertising the campaign were suspended after the events of September 11.  Nevertheless, over $200,000 has already been donated or pledged to date.
By contributing to Washington 2006, donors join as "members," setting their own dues based on their personal means.  Different levels have been established as guidelines, some of which offer premium benefits. 
Contributions may also be made in the form of philatelic material to be auctioned through Nutmeg Auctions or Regency Stamps Ltd, with full proceeds going towards the exhibition.  All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.
Among current members, 50 have also joined the show's "Founders' Cabinet" with donations from $1,000 to more than $ 25,000. National stamp shows and specialist philatelic societies also have signed on.
These patrons will receive a special badge, early daily admittance to the show, Washington 2006 Club admission, as well as several other incentives.
"We are pleased by the response from the philatelic community to our initial appeal," says Washington 2006 President Michael Dixon.  "However our original vision has been 'on hold,' as we seek to reach a broad audience of stamp collectors to explain the benefits of supporting the show by becoming members."
To that end, a special open letter to stamp collectors has been scheduled to run as an advertisement in stamp publications in the United States. Ads will appear in Europe in the fall. Washington 2006 had a stand at the spring Mega Event in New York City and made special presentations there to the ASDA board and MegaShow dealers. The exhibition hosted a promotional and recruitment stand at NAPEX in McLean, VA and plans to do the same in August at APS StampShow in Atlantic City. 
Donors are encouraged to read full details about the membership program on the Washington 2006 web site at
Consider becoming a member donor ($25/yr), a sponsoring member ($50/yr) or a member in any amount.  Contributions by check, VISA or MasterCard should include the contributor's name, full address, e-mail address, and if applicable, credit card details, to Washington 2006, PO Box 2006, Ashburn, VA 20146-2006.  You may also email
Thomas M. Fortunato, 42 Maynard St, Rochester, NY 14615-2022 USA, Washington 2006 Media Communications Chairman Visit our Home Page:
Of some 60 competitive philatelic exhibits at CHICAGOPEX 2001, only five were by members of the SCP.  In addition, one non-competitive exhibit, that of Jaroslav (Jerry) Verner entitled "Czechoslovak Siberian Field Post, 1914-1921" was displayed.  In an unprecedented sweep, ALL FIVE EXHIBITS BY SOCIETY MEMBERS RECEIVED "GOLD" AWARDS. Jerry Verner was also the winner of the RESERVE GRAND AWARD, the highest award presented for a non-US exhibit, plus the APS award for the best exhibit in the 1900-1940 time period. In addition, The CZECHOSLOVAK SPECIALIST was entered in competition in the Literature class by its Editor, Ludvik Z. Svoboda and received a "VERMEIL" award - which was the highest in recent years if not ever. About fifty competitive literature exhibits were submitted.
The philatelic jury included: Burton Sellers, Chair - Arizona,  Robert Cunliffe - Pennsylvania, Douglas Clark - Massachusetts, Stephen Shumann - California, and Henry Hahn - Virginia. The literature jury included  Dr. Jason Manchester, Chair - Ohio, Dr. Dane S. Claussen - Pennsylvania, and Nancy Z. Clark - Massachusetts.

A separate Society jury, appointed by SCP President, Richard Palaschak, made the following awards at the Society breakfast. GOLD medal, Jerry Verner; SILVER medal,  Charles Chesloe; and BRONZE medal, Oleg Wyslotsky.
Below are presented some highlights of the SCP member stamp exhibits:
Jerry Verner, "CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1918-1938" This exhibit had previously won several Golds at FIP and FEPA shows, and was somewhat altered for CHICAGOPEX. It includes a large number of rarities, including the 10K on "granite" paper, modestly displayed with other stamps at the bottom of a page in a bottom row. (The judges appropriately kneeled when viewing this rarity). Other rarities include the only known plate block of four of the purple 60h Masaryk on parchment paper, all four types of P.C. 1919 Hungarian postage dues with black numerals in complete sets, the 1 ruble with "Ceskja Posta" overprint and many more ratities including the Scout issue, rare perforations and gutter pairs of the Hradcany issue, all types in complete sets of the PC 1919 large numeral Postage Dues, as well as other rarities seldom seen in the US
Charles Chesloe, "SLOVAKIA 1938-1945". This exhibit, also shown previously at FEPA and probably FIP shows contains extremely rare material. The exhibit, while well deserving of the GOLD award could be improved from the presentation standpoint and clarification of some of the descriptions. Most striking are the unissued Bozovsky overprints of 1938, followed by the 1939 overprinted issues showing varieties, proofs, trials, coupons and rare plate numbers.  The comprehensive Hlinka issue showing rare perforations was somewhat marred by the unclear presentation. Two possibly unique 50h Hlinka cards, one sent September 5, 1939, tripple censored with the last censor removing the 1 Kc adhesive, and a second of 1943 addressed to the "under cover" Box 506 in Lisbon, Portugal. Another Hlinka card, this one with 1.20 Kc shows the rare error in color and the reply side used.  Also shown are imperforate varieties of the Child Welfare sheet of 1944. The exhibit continues with rare postage due and newspaper gutter pairs, Slovak Field Post and concludes with a 1945 cover when the "puppet state" stamps were no longer valid and the "T" for postage due was indicated in blue crayon.

Robert Koschalk, "GERMAN OCCUPATION OF CZECHOSLOVAKIA". This exhibit has been shown in the US on several occasions.  It includes the rare (three recorded) Hitler 6K vertical gutter as well as the Haydrich souvenir sheet. The exhibit begins with the forerunner period, joint franking with Czechoslovak and overprinted issues and numerous overprint plate varieties. A comprehensive presentation of sheet layout of the later regular issues is shown. Among the interestintg covers shown is one from the US Legation in Prague to New York City "via pouch", cancelled in Washington DC.    
The final pages of the exhibit include the Theresienstadt Admittance stamps, forms accompanying the mailing of the Admittance stamps, and a receipt for a parcel received in the Theresienstadt concentration camp.
Oleg Wyslotsky, "CZECHOSLOVAKIA - THE HRADCANY ISSUE AND ITS USAGES". This exhibit, also shown previously at FEPA shows, includes the rare 30h vertical gutter and the "silver" 120h stamp. It is rich in joined spiral and joined column types, some in pairs and some in blocks of four.  Also shown is the horizontal gutter of the 5 + 10h and 10 + 5h. Four rare essays and one proof in souvenir sheet form are presented, along with plate and printing flaws. The exhibit is clearly and artfully presented
Frederick Lawrence, "SCOUTING ON STAMPS - "CLASSICS". This exhibit is presented in the "Special Studies" category, though it consists of three mini-exhibits in traditional philatelic form. It has been shown frequently in the US as well as internationally.

The first part of the exhibit deals with the 1900 Mafeking siege photograph or "blueprint" issue, the second part with the 1918 Czechoslovak Scout Mail Delivery Services, and the third part with the 1920 Siam "Scout's Fund" overprints.
The Mafeking portion includes a cyclist imperforate proof pair (one of three recorded), imperforates-in-the-margin, small format Baden-Powell head "imperforate between" error (only pair in private hands), "reversed design" error and many other rarities.
The Czechoslovak Scout Service stamps include numerous varieties produced as a result of the combined printing and die cutting operation such as albinos, under and over inkings, and incomplete die cuts. Other rarities include franked coves, postal card and telegram usages, including "Arrival of President Masaryk" overprints on the 10h blue stamp with transitional overprint in red tinged with black, on the ultramarine shade stamp, inverted on the 20h red stamp, on three covers, and on two telegrams.
The 1920 Siam portion consists of nineteen stamps and nine postal cards overprinted in three types as semi-postal issued to raise funds for the WildTiger Scouts.  Included are many rarities as well as twenty six entires with stamps.
The exhibit includes considerable personal research.  Unfortunately, the exhibitor finds himself with insufficient material to present separate traditional exhibits, while the three combined do not form an appropriate unit to be shown in the traditional philatelic class. Nevertheless the exhibit is powerful, nicely presented and well deserving of a "Gold".
The American Philatelic Society Accredited National Level Exhibition NAPEX 2002 will take place in Washington DC from May 31 to June 2, 2002. The Society for Czechoslovak Philately will hold its annual convention and show at NAPEX 2002. Scheduled for this event are three lectures, a Palmares, a Czechoslovak Society breakfast, and many other events.  European exhibitors are particularly welcome. For the PROSPECTUS and PROVISIONAL ENTRY FORMS write to Henry Hahn, 2936 Rosemoor Lane, Fairfax, VA 22031 - USA or e-mail to:  Your questions will be cheerfuly answered.
has the honour of inviting You to the exihibition FINLAND ON POSTAGE STAMPS / KUVIA SUOMESTA - SUOMALAISIA POSIMERKKEJA, which will be open on Tuesday December 4th in the Postal museum, Prague 1, Nové mlýny 2. The exhibition lasts until February 3rd 2002. Open daily except Monday 9-12 a.m., 13-17 p.m.
Esteemed philatelic colleague, As chairman of the Washington 2006 Media Communications committee, I am taking this opportunity to pass along our latest press release to you. This one-time sending is being emailed to philatelic journalists, publications, and online magazines around the world in the hope that it will be of interest to you and your readers.  Feel free to use it, sending me a copy of its publication if possible. We would very much like to continue sending updates to you or your designee as they become available.  Just let me know whether you wish to remain on our electronic mailing list or not.  Your response would be appreciated. While the majority of our communications will be through email, there will be occasion to physically mail you material. To receive these, please email your full mailing address to me which will be added to our data base. Do take an opportunity to visit the Washington 2006 web site at  It contains additional information about all aspects of the exhibition.  Should you have additional questions, I'll be happy to answer them or pass them along to the appropriate officer or chairman.
Thomas M. Fortunato, 42 Maynard St, Rochester, NY 14615-2022 USA, Washington 2006 Media Communications Chairman 
Collection Toplist is updated
new collection programs added and 100's sites is added. Please visit to Collection Toplist.
Lubor Kunc from Prague 
has news: History of Philatelic Exhibition on the teritory Czech Republic. We recommanded:
Peter Hoffmann from Sweden has enlarged his web site on theme "Specialising in CSR I"  The first news, is the site: Philatelistic articles. His ambition with this site is to inform the collectors of "CSR I" stamps,  with interesting articles from Czech and Slovak philatelist magazines. The second news, is the site: Expert signatures. He has tried to collect as many of these signatures as possible and he hope that they will help you to determine who has expertised your stamp. Please help him to enlarge this site. If you have a stamp with an expert signature he don't have, please send him a scan of the reverse side of this stamp, in 4X enlargement.
IFIZ - Internet philatelic advertisements free. Webmaster is a Czech student from Moravia. Visit please his web and give your free advertisement: or write to email:
Help please with philatelic materials about "Internet"
The Czech post, distribution and commercial services - POSTFILA in cooperation with the Union of Czech Philatelists, will issue on December 18th, 2000 a postcard with an imprint commemorating the organization of
Czechoslovak Field Posts in Great Britain. Used for this issue is a special card designed for additional overprinting, bearing a stamp of the nominal value of 5 Kc. On the card's left side is pictured a cover, mailed from the USA to London, with a cancellation of the Czechoslovak Field Post. Above it is illustrated a portion of military documentation dealing with the organization of the Field Post in Great Britain. Below the cover there appears the seal of the Czechoslovak Army and Air Force in Great Britain, and the abbreviation for the Field Post: "CS. P. P.". At the top of the design is an explanatory note. The illustration is printed by offset in black, red, brown, blue and light ochre. (Illustration on front page). The card may be purchased in the store POSTFILA and from the Union of Czech Philatelists. The sales price for the mint card is 10 Kc and with a single postmark 10.30 Kc. The mint cards may be used postaly in the Czech Republic from December 8th, 2000 on up to withdrawal of the card from service.
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